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Tonight’s discussions include the MPD’s response to a 14-year-old girl getting beat up and a video made at Enochs High school,  last nights Salida MAC meeting including an update on the annexation, MID cover-up of $21,000 in “special spending”, A quick look at the local Bail Bond Industry, missed opportunity regarding the veteran’s jobs bill.  This and more, so make a difference by participating in the democratic process and let your voice be heard.

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Some of the topics discussed will reference articles on http://EyeOnModesto.com/


People – 1, MID – 0, in Best of 7

By Emerson Drake

After a hard-fought battle the people of Stanislaus County emerged victorious.  But we can’t let our guards down.  Modesto Irrigation District could decide to re-open the issue at any time and General Manager Allen Short is probably already exploring a way around the Board. 

                                               The Seventh Inning Stretch

The letter from the SFPUC  didn’t arrive in time for the public meeting.  It magically appeared during the closed session. Between the suspect timing of the letter’s arrival, and the realization that their terms had been rejected, three of the Directors had finally had enough. Larry Byrd, Nick Blom, and Paul Warda, to paraphrase, said enough was enough.  Directors Van Groningen and Wild went apoplectic!  They argued vehemently to bring one of the opposing Directors around to no avail.  And in a move of political butt-covering decided to make the vote unanimous.

Of course Dir. Van Groningen went from newspaper to newspaper making specious  claims of being unhappy with the contract, but what we need to remember is that he was ready to sign this terrible contract back in January. So his words, as far as I’m concerned, fall on deaf ears. 

Now it appears we get to see how the staff was divvying up the money before the water contract was signed, or maybe this is the kind of spending that got them so deep in the red.  As you’ll see, it really does pay to stay for the budget workshop.

                                               The Scouting Report

The budget workshop showed, at least in some people’s eyes,where they had intended to spend some of the water sale money.  Allen Short is requesting in the 2012 budget $30,000 dollars to spend for his outer office.  Eyes were raised when the figure was announced.  Allen said the money was going for two desks and a counter.  Pretty fancy desks and one heck of a counter.

So why should $210,000 for carpeting the second floor in the 2014 budget bother anyone?  At $61.76 per square yard installed we should be happy. Buying 3,400 yards I’m sure they got a discount.   The justification they used was “The carpet is difficult to clean and make presentable.” 

What’s the big deal about an $8,000 ice machine?  Just because the old one  still works and they’re keeping it for the employees to use, what’s the problem?  Must be nice to work for the ivory tower at the Taj Mahal.  You’d think since they didn’t have to make any concessions regarding their health insurance or to contribute to their retirement (except for new employees) they’d be happy, except of course for the new people who were thrown under the bus and will be required to help pay for both.

Did I mention the proposed management raises?  A Public Information Request came back saying they don’t have anything on paper regarding them.  Allegedly they want the Board to vote on unknown raises for unknown people.  Don’t get me wrong, Tom Van Groningen and Glen Wild are ready to vote for them and are insisting if the rank and file gets a raise so does management. 

Could it be some of the members of  this Board are tired of being led around by the nose?  Allen Short doesn’t believe it yet or at least isn’t willing to admit it. Allen is spending money like he isn’t accountable and is readying his golden parachute.  And where does Attorney Tim O’Laughlin fit into all of this?  He’s still on schedule to make $ 1 Million from MID this year.  The ever churning lawyer keeps playing both ends against the middle and collecting from both as usual.  Remember how O’Laughlin told the Board they had nothing to worry about from the garbage burner lawsuit?  They didn’t. Endsley collected $1.2 Million and  O’Laughlin collected $97,000.  No worries, it came from the ratepayer’s pocket, not the Board’s.

The Modesto Irrigation District has played fast and loose with the Brown Act.  Dir. Van Groningen does what ever he wants and O’Laughlin stays quiet.  Unless he’s arguing with one of the Board members.  And O’Laughlin himself presides over the violations of the Public Information Act requests. Why he’s still there is beyond belief.

Since the Board meeting is tomorrow I want to mention Martino Graphics.  At last weeks meeting I specifically asked Dir. Van Groningen what the $3,000  to Martino Graphics was being spent on in last weeks warrants. He asked the staff but they stayed quiet (could they have been instructed to do so since Denise Ray, the head of Purchasing, was in the audience?)  They did place the question on this weeks agenda thanks to Directors Byrd and Warda (Van Groningen and Wild remained quiet).  Amazingly enough Van Groningen and Wild signed for the payment on September 4,2012.  A case of sudden amnesia?  I sent an email to the Board this morning and asked them to include three more Martino invoices in the discussion, two at $3,000 and one for $9,000.  I had already talked with Van Groningen during the Capital Budget workshop last week about this but felt it was important to document the request.

Did I mention all of the preceding in an attempt to document everything?Heck no I left out about half.  Did you know they want to spend more money for the Mountain House infrastructure?  But that’s enough for now.  It all goes to show we can’t let our guards down now.  Yes, we should enjoy the victory for now.  But until Tom Van Groningen and Glen Wild are off the MID Board and we get some people who are concerned and won’t be led around be the nose by Short and aren’t intimidated by O’Laughlin, and don’t have the ability to subvert conscious thinking at the Bee (if indeed it ever existed), we as a community won’t be free of outrageous electrical rates or able to ensure our children’s future with plentiful clean water.

So to finish up  with the baseball metaphor I started with, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and she’s not even at the ballpark yet.

More Voter Suppression By The GOP

By Gaetana Drake

Pennsylvania’s new voter ID laws will require many women to show two forms of identification in order to vote.  Women whose names have changed due to being married now need to show a state-issued ID card (issued by the Department of Transportation) and a separate government-issued ID card or driver’s license (issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles). 

Because of the centuries long tradition of women taking the last name of their husband when they marry, they are now forced to pay for two separate forms of identification just to vote.  For low-income women, this is an additional financial burden to voting.  Because the approved forms of identification come from two different state departments, women are now required to visit both of those departments to get the necessary identification.

One accepted form of ID comes from the Department of Transportation.  In Pennsylvania, nine counties do not have an office for the Department of Transportation.  In thirteen of their counties, the Department of Transportation office is only open one day a week.  This will require women (many of whom are elderly and don’t drive) to travel to another county (on the correct day) in order to obtain their IDs.

Additionally, the state has 31,000 poll workers – who can chose to enforce the law at their discretion.  It’s going to be chaotic in Pennsylvania on election day!

In addition to this latest restriction, consider this:

Viviette Applewhite is a 93 year old African American woman who was born 1919 in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love (not much brotherly love going on there right now)!  She worked as a welder during WWII and raised a daughter who has worked for various government agencies.  Ms. Applewhite marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and has voted in every election for 50 years.  She has been unable to obtain a photo ID required by Pennsylvania’s new law and will not be allowed to vote in November.

Wilola Lee, is a 59 year old African-American woman who was born in Wilkerson County, Georgia, a very rural area.  She was raised by a grandmother who moved her to Philadelphia (again, the City of Brotherly Love) in 1957.  She has lived there ever since.  She raised two children, one of whom now works for the Pennsylvania state government.  Ms. Lee worked for Philadelphia Public Schools for several years and has even been a poll worker in Philadelphia.  For years she has been trying to get a birth certificate that she needs to get a photo ID.  But the state of Georgia has told her that they have no record of her birth.  After voting for over 30 years, she will be denied her right to vote this November.

Grover Freeland is a 72 year old African-American man born in Buffalo, New York.  He is an Army veteran with an honorable discharge.  He has not had a driver’s license since the 1980s.  He has a photo ID known as a “veteran’s card” which contains coded sensitive information, such as his medical records.  Unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania does not consider this an acceptable form of identification.  He has been unable to get a birth certificate from the state of New York.  Come November, this veteran of America’s armed forces will be denied his right to vote.

Gloria Cuttino is a 61 year old African-American woman who was born in Summerville, South Carolina.  She has lived in Philadelphia for decades and raised her children there.  One of her children is a Philadelphia police officer.  She has worked for years on behalf of local candidates for elected office.  This is a woman who is very involved in our political process.  She has been trying for over a year to get a birth certificate from South Carolina – who claims they have no record of her birth.  A pro-bono attorney has determined that the only way she can get a “delayed” birth certificate is to seek census and other records, which will cost approximately $100, then employ an attorney in South Carolina to petition the court (additional expenses).  It is unlikely that Ms. Cuttino will be allowed to vote in November.

Ms. Nadine Marsh is an 84 year old caucasion woman who was born in Pittsburgh in 1928.  She was one of ten children whose father worked for Bethlehem Steel.  She has never driven a car, so has no driver’s license.  She and her family have tried for several years to get a birth certificate for her.  They have gone in person to the Department of Vital Records, but have been told that her birth record does not exist.  Ms. Marsh will be unable to vote in November.

Ms. Dorothy Barksdale is an 86 year old African-American woman who was born at home in Halifax County, Virginia in 1926.  She, too, has never driven and has no approved ID.  However, she was allowed to work as a poll official in Philadelphia where she has lived for many years.  She has tried for three years to obtain a birth certificate from Virginia, but has been advised that they have no record of her birth.

There are thousands of other American citizens just like the ones mentioned here.  Many of us don’t understand how someone couldn’t have the appropriate forms of identification.  After all, you need identification to do almost anything these days.  But my own grandparents probably couldn’t vote this year…my grandfather did not drive the last several years of his life and probably never had a birth certificate having been born in a rural county of Indiana.  My grandmother never drove and was born in rural Tennessee.  Millions of American citizens were born before detailed birth records were kept.  That does not make them any less American than you or I.

I’d also like to point out that all of these people (and some organizations estimate that 5 million eligible voters will be turned away at the polls in November) have during their working lives, contributed state and federal taxes to our government.  Now their government is denying them the right to vote.

We should all be ashamed of what is going on here in America.  If the purpose is to prevent illegal aliens from voting, why are we preventing men who put their lives at risk for our rights and women who raised their children to be proud Americans from voting?  It is shameful and un-American!

“What’s on America’s Mind” Wednesday Night at 7:00PM Pacific

Official seal of County of Stanislaus

Official seal of County of Stanislaus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did MID’ Directors Tom Van Groningen and Glen Wild vote yes to save face to stop the water sales? Have you heard about MID’s Allen Short wanting to spend $30,000 on his outer office furniture? Is Judy Sly intentionally misleading the citizens of Salida about the annexation?  Are we seeing the beginning of the demise of the bail bond industry in Stanislaus County?  The heart warming story of four homeless men who rescued a 15-year-old girl from a sexual predator.  What is it about the veteran’s job bill made Republicans vote against it?

Join me tonight won’t you.

Wednesday night at 7:00 PM Pacific


Our call in number is 347-215-9414

MID Board Votes 5-0 to Kill Water Sale With San Francisco

Seal of the City of San Francisco for fair use...

Seal of the City of San Francisco for fair use to illustrate the article about San Francisco, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Emerson Drake

After emerging from closed session Board President Tom Van Groningen made the following announcement.

Based on information received from the City and County of San Francisco, the MID Board of Directors directed staff and General Counsel to discontinue further negotiations regarding the proposed sale of water to the City and County of San Francisco.

We’ve filed a Public Information Request for SFPUC’s letter to MID but apparently they refused MID’s request to change the contract’s language regarding the right of first refusal and being first to receive the contracted amount during a drought.

I’ll write in more detail regarding today’s meeting later. 

Congratulations for all of those who stood their ground and fought against the proposed sale.  Well Done.

Gregg Nyhoff’s SCAP Investigation ?

By Emerson Drake

English: Author: Carl Skaggs This image was ta...

English: Author: Carl Skaggs This image was taken by me on January 14, 2010 in Modesto, California I hereby relinquish all rights to this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In April 2011, Councilman Dave Lopez  went to see Modesto’s City Manager (C.M.) Gregg Nyhoff with concerns about the Stanislaus Community Assistance Project (SCAP) and excessive compensation to Joe Gibbs, the Development Director for SCAP.  Joe received $195,860 and was in line to receive $431,471 more. 

But we aren’t trying to rehash SCAP or the NSP2 problem, but are here to discuss Mr. Nyhoff’s investigation or lack thereof.  We presented Modesto with a Public Information Request to see all of the documents relating to the city manager’s investigation.  The extremely sad part is their response contained only one page after four plus weeks of the City Managers investigation.  It’s almost as if he were avoiding leaving a paper trail.

I  had occasion to discuss this with C.M. Nyhoff and his response was “well I did make some phone calls.”  Further inquiries suggested the calls were to city staffers.  Can you imagine Councilman Lopez comes to him with a major concern about potential fraud or malfeasance and Mr. Nyhoff, at the very least, sits on his hands?  Little wonder the Councilman felt the need to go to the Bee.

The lone page from the email we received is dated May 26, 2011, just two days before the Bee broke the story and more than one month AFTER Councilman Lopez spoke to Mr Nyhoff.  So despite the City Manager’s protestations, NOTHING was written down until the city was aware the Bee was going to publish SCAP’s short comings and then only to enlighten  SCAP.  Modesto City employee Judith Ray is warning SCAP employee Marcia Bradshaw that the Bee reporter has been a “consistent antagonist toward recovery act programs in general and NSP in particular and we can  be assured of a negative bias when it comes out.”

So just how thorough do you believe Nyhoff’s investigation was?  To my way of thinking all he did from the beginning was circle the wagons to protect himself and his staffers.  After all he is the city manager and the buck stops there.  At least for a few minutes before the Council gets involved.

Knowing all this and reading  the way the City responded to the Grand Jury report was just too much to stay quiet about.  If Councilman Lopez hadn’t gone to the Bee none of the malfeasance would have been uncovered.  Joe Muratore might have been able to keep the $62,500 he was willing to risk his position on the council for, and indeed his freedom. Profiting from HUD money as a Councilman is a felony and Joe Gibbs would be $431,471 dollars richer and he and his wife would still be in charge of SAP despite their questionable tenants.

Here is Nyhoff’s written  investigation.


The city’s response to the Grand Jury


The Grand Jury’s findings


After reading all of the information it’s reasonable to come to the opinion that Councilman Lopez stood up against those who would participate in a cover-up and spoke out to shed the light of day on a serious problem and uncovering a potential  misuse of public funds.

The discussion can be heard about 1:10 minutes into the Council meeting.  The following link will take you there.


The War Goes On…and on….and on…

English: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio

English: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Gaetana Drake

The most recent attack on American women comes from a nation-wide chain of craft stores.  Hobby Lobby has over 500 stores in 41 states and employs over 13,000 people.  The chain is owned by the Green family, who has now filed a lawsuit concerning insurance coverage for birth control.

Twenty-six states already required insurance to cover birth control prior to the Affordable Care Act being passed.  There have been no lawsuits filed in those states requiring such coverage.  The majority of the states that have this requirement, have an exemption for “religious” employers.  Maybe I’m mistaken, but I believe that by “religious” employer, they are referring to a business whose basis is religion.  A religious bookstore, for instance.  Most of these states have had these requirements in place for many years, without a problem.  It’s just since the far-right extremists started this war on women, that other employers are trying to deny basic health care coverage for women.

Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a problem with all birth control methods.  They are objecting to the ones they believe cause “abortions”.  That includes the pill and the IUD.  These methods don’t stop an egg from being fertilized, they simply prevent the fertilized egg from implanting itself in the lining of the uterus.  They also happen to be the most commonly used and most effective forms of birth control.

The Affordable Care Act has exemptions for “religious” employers, those being ones whose primary purpose is the promotion of their religious beliefs.  I just don’t see Hobby Lobby falling under that category, do you?

I’ve been in the Hobby Lobby store in Modesto.  It’s a great store.  It certainly doesn’t give the impression of being a “religious” store.  I had planned to purchase some Christmas decorations there.  I’ll be doing that shopping at Michaels now.  I will not spend my hard earned dollars at a place that denies basic health care coverage to the vast majority of its employees.

I wonder what the next step will be?  Will there be a religious test to work at Hobby Lobby?  What other parts of their religion will this family try to force onto its employees?

If you work for a business owned by a Mormon family, will they deny health care coverage for the illnesses caused by tobacco and alcohol use?  The Mormon faith doesn’t allow the use of alcohol and tobacco.

Many people argue that the problem is letting the government mandate what an employer can or can’t do.  The government already mandates that an employer can’t sexually harass an employee, or discriminate based on the many protected categories (race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity….).  In many religions practiced right here in the U.S., females are considered subservient to males.  Would we allow that religious belief to spill over into the workplace?  The government “mandates” many things that benefit us all.  Overtime pay and safe work environments, to name just two.

I have nothing against any religion.  But I believe religion should be practiced in your church and your home.  Not the workplace, particularly when it is to the detriment of your employees.

Women make up 51% of U.S. citizens.  We also make up 53% of registered voters.  I think it’s a safe bet to say they make up over 65% of Hobby Lobby employees.  I wonder how those employees feel right now.

I may be a bit misguided here, but I would think that any employer would look at this from an economic point of view.  I used to work for an employer who did not provide coverage for birth control.  I actually kept track of how many unplanned pregnancies occurred in our workforce each year.  We would cover the pregnancy, the hospitalization, the well-baby check-ups and continue coverage for the child up to the age of 19.  The employer had a “self-funded” insurance plan, meaning that we simply paid a company to administer the plan, but up to a certain dollar amount, the employer paid the medical bills incurred by employees.  We could have saved tens of thousands of dollars every single year I worked there if we had just covered birth control.  We could have saved additional payroll expenses by not having to have replacement workers for the women who were on leave to have babies.

It is so much less expensive to cover birth control than it is to cover unplanned pregnancies.  It’s simple economics.  You save money and you have happy employees because they are able to control their reproductive lives.

Guess when my former employer finally decided to cover birth control?  You got it…when Viagra came on the market!  And why was that?  Because Viagra was something men wanted!  Well, pay attention – women want birth control!

And on a side note – Rick Berg, a candidate for the Senate from North Dakota….voted for a bill that would sentence women who have abortions (and the doctors who provide them) to life in prison.  Life in prison without the possibility of parole!  With no exception for rape, incest or the life or health of the woman!  Do you still believe there is no war on women?

“What’s on America’s Mind” Please Join us Tonight at 7:00PM

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures ...

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures that I took for the Infobox in the Modesto, California Article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Todays topics include a Salida annexation update including Modesto Councilman Joe Muratore’s recent incursion in Salida.  A conversation about Salida MAC Modesto City Council response to  the Grand Jury report about SCAP and NSP2 money. and of course national issues we should all be concerned about especially women.

Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM Pacific

Please join us. Our call in number is 347-215-9414

104.9 FM is our flagship station


Joe Muratore is at it Again – Padding His Pockets at Your Expense

By Emerson Drake

Yes, Councilman Joe Muratore has yet again figured out a way to profit from his position on the Modesto City Council.  Starting just after he was elected, Muratore sought out county politicians and started to prime the annex Salida pump.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after his NSP2 debacle of pocketing $62,500 dollars from a commission his Benchmark Realty partner Ryan Swehla generated by using Swehla’s and Scott Monday’s Trinity Renovations . 

But his Salida business adventure may just be his greediest chapter with an even more tangled web of deceit.  Remember the Stanislaus Grand Jury said Muratore was deceitful and dissembling in not fully disclosing relevant business affiliations and associates.

Stephen Endsley and his wife Ann have land holding in the Salida area according to documents supplied by a public information request which can be found on this site.  Joe Muratore has several prior business relationships with Endsley.  From a failed solar venture between himself, Swehla, Hawn, and Endsley, to an investment with Stephen Endsley valued between $20,000 and $100,000 dollars according to forms filed with the state.  Muratore has been meeting behind the scenes encouraging  the County to sweeten the pot which would enable Modesto to annex Salida, potentially at relatively little cost.

On August 7th during a City Council meeting  Muratore voted for consent item #27 which has Modesto footing half the cost ($30,000) of a feasibility study to discover definitively what the financial situation would be if and when Modesto were to annex Salida. I suppose it isn’t surprising to see a politician fattening their wallet while feeding at the public trough. Now all Muratore has to do is recuse himself from all discussion and voting, but Joe doesn’t seem concerned about right and wrong, just about money, so he keeps on voting.

After all, between Muratore the Modesto Councilman, Swehla his business partner in several ventures and  who sits on Modesto’s Board of Zoning Adjustment, and Endsley again his business partner and sometimes investor who has land in Salida waiting to be developed under a friendly administration, what could be a better arrangement? 

Could Muratore be planning on some short-term cash flow or is he stocking up for the future? Here is a picture of Muratore’s Benchmark Realty sign offering land for sale in Salida.  The sign can be found on a vacant lot in front of the Vizcaya Housing Tract along Pirrone Road in Salida just before  Hammett,  East of Highway 99. I wonder if his client is aware of how many pies Joe has his fingers in?

Muratore’s business ventures just might benefit from a hurried up annexation with a friendly Zoning Board and a Councilman to shepard the whole process through.  Kind of reminiscent of  their participation in the  NSP2 program?  Hmm…

The Salida MAC Newsletter


Salida Municipal Advisory Council Newsletter

September 2012                                                                                                                                   Editor: Katherine Borges


Next Salida MAC Meeting:

Tuesday, Sept 25, 2012
at 7 p.m.


Speaker: Salida Union School Superintendent,
Twila Tosh


Salida Library Community Room
4835 Sisk Rd. Salida


Members of the public are welcome to attend and share their community concerns.


You can watch Salida MAC meetings at home on government cable channel 19 in Salida and channel 7 in Modesto

 Saturday 11am-1pm


Report on August’s Salida MAC Meeting –

Salida Annexation Update
     The well-attended August 28th meeting opened with many public questions and concerns regarding the possible annexation of Salida by the City of Modesto. Salida MAC Councilmembers answered as many questions as possible then Stanislaus County Supervisor, Terry Withrow and Modesto City Councilman, John Gunderson spoke on the issue.  Supervisor Withrow (pictured left) stated that the annexation feasibility study would be returned in about 2 months, but until that time, many questions will remain unanswered including whether the annexation will proceed.
     (If you do not subscribe to the Modesto Bee and have not heard about the annexation issue, there were 3 articles and 1 OpEd published about it in August which you can read in the Bee’s online archives at modbee.com)  We thank all who attended the meeting and hope you will attend future meetings and continue to communicate your community concerns.
Help for Neighborhood Foreclosures, Renters, Emergency Shelter, etc. from Stanislaus County’s Community Development Department
     Aaron Farnon, Stanislaus County Community Development Manager reported that his department applies for special federal grant programs to help serve the middle class to low income community.  Programs like first-time home buyer  rehab programs to improve your home.  10% of their funds are set aside for public services which range in aid for domestic violence services to homeless shelters.  This department helps about 50,000 individuals each year.  In Salida, they received some neighborhood stabilization funds and there are still funds available for the Salida community.  This year, they’ve helped 8 first-time home buyers purchase homes and 4 of those helped were in Salida.  If you have any foreclosed homes in your neighborhood, that have been sitting vacant 9 months or more contact the county because they can rehabilitate them.  This department also provides funding for a fair housing provider which is a non-profit that acts as an intermediary if you have landlord/tenant concerns.  Additional programs provide funding for emergency shelters and to the Salvation Army, and a solar installation program for low-income homes to offset the high-cost of utilities.  Contact 525-6330.  For more info:  http://www.stancounty.com/planning/index-cdbg.shtm

Nick W. Blom Salida Regional Library
     Diane Bartlett, Library Branch Manager reported that Pre-school (Ages 3-5 Thurs @ 10 am) and Wiggle-worm (Ages under 3 on Wed @ 10-11) story times will be starting again in September.  For adults, dinner and a movie “Men in Black” on Sept 24 at 6 pm.  You can volunteer and sign-up for ‘LoveSalida’ which benefits the library and pick up ‘LoveSalida’ signs at Salida Kountry Kitchen.  Visit lovesalida.com to sign up.

About Salida MAC
The Salida Municipal Advisory Council aka Salida MAC was founded on July 31, 1984 with purpose of advising the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors on matters that relate to Salida including but not limited to advice on matters of public health, safety, welfare, public works, and planning.  Salida MAC is comprised of five councilmembers who must be registered voters within Salida.  Councilmembers are elected to a 4 year term but vacancies can be filled by the Board of Supervisors. Councilmembers are all volunteers and receive no monetary compensation.  Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. In the Salida Library’s Community Room located at 4835 Sisk Rd, Salida.   Each meeting has reports from our local Sheriff Deputy, Salida Librarian, and sometimes a CHP officer.  District 3 County Supervisor, Terry Withrow, also attends or can opt to send a representative. The public is welcome to address the council during the “Community Concerns” portion of the meeting but please limit your comment to five (5) minutes so everyone may be heard.

Your Salida MAC Councilmembers are: Chairman Thomas Reeves, Vice-Chairman Brad Johnson, Secretary Ana San Nicholas, Karen Gorne, and Katherine Borges.  Contact info: P.O. Box 490 Salida, CA 95368 Ph# (209) 612-2305



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