Eye On Modesto

Thoughts and observations about Modesto and Stanislaus County


My name is Emerson Drake.  I’ve lived in Modesto for over 25 years and have a continuing interest in local politics.  Most of us don’t go to  Modesto City Council, County Board of Supervisors, and Modesto Irrigation District meetings, along with their various committee meetings.   I try to attend as many as possible, and those I might miss I try to watch on streaming video. I’ve been referred to in the media as a community watchdog, neighborhood activist, political pundit, and a political muckraker. I prefer to think of myself as a concerned, engaged citizen.

Several people make up Eye On Modesto and all us of try to give you another take on not only what happens at these meetings but what’s going on behind the scenes.

As Margret Mead was quoted…

Never doubt a small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Please join us, won’t you?

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Robin on said:

    I’m a first time reader and I like what I’ve read. I came here from Milpitas to find an affordable home, I’ve lived here for twelve years and it seems like Modesto has declined.while other cities struggling they still see some improvement and wonder why not my city of Modesto.
    I’ve been asking myself Why the apathy towards improvements from the leadership, why so much crime ,why so many as you put it..meth addicted panhandlers…
    For the first time in my life this year felt compelled to get alarm system for my home, not because I have expensive stuff but because I fear for my families safety.
    So is this how I’m supposed to feel about my city? Modesto

  2. Adam pluguez on said:

    I am currently trying to draw attention to modesto irrigations bad business practices, as well as excessive rate hikes. I have a firend who is going to the Modesto bee with his story as mid has turned off his power for no real reason as there is no balance on the account. Trying to complain to city is useless as mid police’s itself. Any help drawing attention to this story would be great as he is in collage and unable to do his work and currently losing all his food due to their bad business practices. Please email if you are interested in helping hold mid accountable for their deplorable actions.
    Thank you,
    Adam Pluguez

    • Tracker on said:

      Another example of how the tentacles of organised crime have infiltrated Stanislaus county. The DA has ignored the very obvious and certain murder of our loved one because a local attorney is involved. Money is the reason. Go America!

  3. Crooked da = full prison as cdoj ignores

  4. Fladdy all about money and the corrupt attorneys she protectz

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