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MID Blinks and Valley Bio-Energy Profits

By Emerson Drake

On August 31, 2010 the MID Board voted to reject the alleged bio-mass project proposed by Stephen Endsley and Valley Bio-Energy (VBE.) Sitting in the audience we heard Mr. Endsley tell the Board they would be sorry and that he planned to sue them.

We were reassured by MID General Council the ratepayers had nothing to worry about and the suit would come to nothing. Yet little over fourteen months later MID announced they were going to settle with VBE for $1.2 Million dollars.

The Board was questioned by the public about the litigation cost incurred by MID. We were just informed by way of a Public Information Request the total cost for representing MID in this matter was $96,755.13.

Was MID misled by their legal advisor as to their culpability in this matter? If so why is he still representing the MID Board?

All this money terminate a bio-mass project that never should have been considered? Other companies considering a similar start-up have questioned the availability of the necessary bio-mass to support a 24/7 operation.

Mr. Endsley had requested permission from the San Joaquin Air District to use only 7% bio-mass and the rest was to be made up of garbage.

So the ratepayers are on the hook for a total of just short of $1.3 M for a misguided fiasco that was a boondoggle from the beginning.

Remember that every member of the MID Board was endorsed by the Modesto Bee Editorial Board which begs the question, what do they have against us?


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