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John Duarte Confirms he was Recruited by the CommonWealth for the MID Board

We had said all along that John Duarte was recruited by the usual gang to control the MID Board of Directors. Last night John freely admitted it was Joe Muratore’s (of NSP2 infamy) friend Chris Tyler who asked him to be a party to what many are calling a n elaborate charade

His opponent Larry Byrd has been a regular at MID meeting for the past several years where Duarte admits he’s a Johnny come lately who never came to meetings prior to his “talk” with Chris and has seldom appeared at meeting since his declaring his candidacy.

In the last MID election we had another “recruit” foisted on us. His name was Glenn Wild. Mr. Wild has voted with Tom VanGroningen on every vote since assuming office.

The sad part to this story is Tom Van Groningen is one of the main architects in our rates skyrocketing through the roof. He and his henchmen (Warda, Wild, Kidd and Hendsley) have allowed Allen Short to run the MID as a personal fiefdom with himself as king.

The strewn carcasses in their wake include MountainHouse, a geothermal project that cost MID Millions of dollars, and the Four Cities expansion project. All of these “projects” have cost the MID ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

What can’t be explained is why the CommonWealth group along with others continually pick losers to represent them and us the ratepayers. .

They seem to believe having “their boys” in control is more important than having the right people at the helm of the U.S.S. MID.

Maybe they should consider being in control isn’t as important as getting it right.

Maybe they should call the captain of the Titanic for advice.

So we know after listening to the candidates speak at the Tea Party Patriot forum last night, John Kidd should be part of MID’s past and not its future. And that we can’t afford to have the CommonWealth’s flavor of the month John Duarte to reach beyond his grasp.

Larry Byrd and Nick Blom are definitely the type of stand out candidates we like to see running for the MID Board of Directors..


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