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MID G.M. Allen Short Seeks to Reinforce His Authority

By Emerson Drake

Tuesday’s meeting will be the crowning of a Dictator.  Allen Short, nervous over new MID Board members, is reminding everyone just where the power lies, and that’s with HIM.

With two new members read in the wings to be granted membership into Short’s kingdom he is determined to remind them just how little power they have.  Tom Van Groningen and Paul Warda already surrendered their manhood years ago.  And in the minds of many Glen Wild never had any, manhood that is.  He was a designated  usurper of former Board member Mike Serpa.

Since Serpa’s orchestrated demise a relative calm has prevailed.  Cecil Hendsley managed to remember what  freedom of decision was like but could seldom sway other members to join him in splitting from Allen Short’s reign of terror.

Many find it difficult to believe but MID Board members have no individual email address they can be reached at.  There’s a generic address for members which goes to Board Secretary Pat Mills and she relays them to Allen Short who distributes them just before meetings if he feels like it.

Yes in other words, he screens them.

To see just how devious Short is you need to go towards the bottom of the agenda and read the Board resolution:


Also read all of the Governing Process #’s 1-12 and the Board linkage #’s 1-11

In these, the MID Board handcuffs themselves and anoints General Manager Allen Short as KING.

But don’t take my word for it.  Read it for yourself and prepare to be amazed. 


If they approve this it’s as if they are walking in to a vets office and say “snip’em off Doc.  I’m on the MID Board and I don’t need them any more.”


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2 thoughts on “MID G.M. Allen Short Seeks to Reinforce His Authority

  1. Scrap the M.I.D. it’s a dinosaur, lets get the private companies to do the jobs that M.I.D. can no longer do RIGHT!

  2. Emerson, you can get a blog site like the Swarm going for around a $150 certified, or not certified for around $70

    I don’t see the point in having M.I.D. anymore since the public could sell it off and have plenty of energy and water left cheaper than M.I.D. can provide, then again maybe that is the plan and we just don’t know that yet.

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