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Will “reciprocity” be required on other issues?

By EOM Staff

It will be interesting to see if H.R. 822 passes through the Senate.  This bill would allow people with concealed carry permits from one state to legally travel to other states with their concealed weapons, regardless of the other states’ laws.
My interest in this bill is how it may affect other issues.  Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., now issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Maryland recognizes same-sex marriages but does not grant marriage licenses.
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington allow medicinal marijuana use. 
Oregon, Washington and Montana allow assisted suicide.
By passing H.R. 822, requiring “reciprocity” among states, the door is potentially open to requiring states to recognize and allow adherence to laws passed in other states.
If a same-sex couple married in Iowa moves to California, would California be required to grant all rights to that couple as they do to heterosexual couples?
If someone from Alaska has a card authorizing medicinal use of marijuana, can they use their marijuana while they are in Illinois?
If someone in Oregon has the necessary physician documentation required for an assisted suicide, but wants to be with their loved ones in Colorado when they pass away, does Colorado have to allow that?
Personally, I think that assisted suicide, medicinal marijuana and gay marriage should be allowed throughout the United States.  But I do recognize the right of individual states to determine what will be allowed within their borders.
Interestingly, most of the GOP candidates have in the past stated their belief in states’ rights.  However, H.R. 822 is a Republican sponsored bill and if it passes, it may begin the erosion of the states’ rights they proclaim to support.
What’s your opinion?

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4 thoughts on “Will “reciprocity” be required on other issues?

  1. Good points made.

    H.R. 822 is poison for America, more like a disease spreading from one state to the next.

  2. John Duarte on said:

    OEM staff?? This idiotorial is written in the first person. If this is the opinion of Emerson Drake then shouldn’t he just claim it as so?

    With you on gay marriage.

    If pot is medicinal let it be regulated as a medicine through the FDA.

    A concealed carry permit is issued based on personal background, need and understanding of the law.

    • By Emerson Drake

      Thanks for the input John. Just as a FYI, I sign all of the articles I write. There are several others who will occasionally contribute to the body of work contained here. Some will sign their names and others might prefer not to. Their individual decisions will be honored.

      Unfortunately I think you might have missed the authors point. It isn’t about California’s regulating areas of our life but the potential new legislation could force all of the states to honor each others rules. Some may require much less regulation or even none at all.

  3. So then this was not written by Emerson Drake. Perhaps this is only contentious for those of us that followed him at the Voice of Modesto – when for a time it was VOM Staff aka Emerson Drake and then a lot of them were changed over to the appropriate author….

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