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How can she live with herself?

An Opinion By EOM Staff


How can she live with herself?




Kari Abbey won’t stand trial for murder or manslaughter, even after a witness told police that Abbey went to her car, got her gun, and crept along the front of the duplex peeking in the window to see what Rita was doing.  Abbey’s children were in the car waiting for her.  She could have left and taken her children away from a dangerous situation.  Instead she went back, waited for Rita to come out and killed her.  Abbey’s children witnessed their mother murdering a woman.  What effect will that have on their psyche? 




How can she live with herself?




She was a law enforcement officer.  She and all other law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard.  She was trained to diffuse tense situations.  Instead, she instigated a situation that lasted over an hour and led to a death by her hand.




How can she live with herself?




Part of her job with the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department was to investigate cases of child endangerment.  Yet in her home were loaded weapons within reach of her very young children. She sent people to prison for doing what she was doing.  And now her children have witnessed a murder.




How can she live with herself?




Kari Abbey had in her possession 16 vials of steroids.  Steroids are known to cause uncontrollable rage.  She voluntarily injected herself with a drug that caused her uncontrollable rage that led to the murder of a woman.  How many other law enforcement officers was she supplying steroids for?  Her father, James Abbey, must have known about her steroid use, and used it to his advantage when dealing with tenants.  It was testified to in court that he said to Rita, “leave, or I’ll turn her loose on you again”. 




How can she live with herself?




There is a legal process to go through when evicting a tenant.  Tenants have rights.  Kari Abbey, her father and her husband, repeatedly disregarded the rights of their tenants.  They used force, violence, and illegal means (disruption of utility services) to force their tenants out.  Now they have resorted to murder.  Are any of their tenants safe?




How can she live with herself?




There were over 100 marijuana plants at her house.  Sure, James Abbey swears they were his.  Kari Abbey and other members of law enforcement send people to prison for growing marijuana, yet she felt it was okay for her and her family to do that.  Was she providing marijuana for other law enforcement officers, along with steroids?




How can she live with herself?




Kari Abbey will get to spend this Christmas with her family, most importantly, with her children.  Rita’s children will be missing their mother this Christmas, as they were last year.  They will miss her when they go on their first dates.  When they go to their first prom.  When they celebrate their birthdays and remember her on hers.  They will certainly miss introducing her to the men they may choose to marry someday.  And believe me, they will be missing her when they have their own children.  Kari Abbey has all of these important moments to look forward to with her children.  She has stolen all of those moments from three little girls. 




How can she live with herself?







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