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Kari Abbey Prelim Final Arguments Today

As an observer at the preliminary examinations one couldn’t help but notice a few things absent from the discussion. When you read the District Attorney’s list of items discovered on the Abbey property and compare it to the charges, a few details seem to be missing.  D.A. Harris uses the AR-15 as a contributing part of a child endangerment, but he fails to mention that it had been illegally altered from its manufactured state and was fully automatic.  And he never reveals where the illegal ‘sawed-off’’ shotgun was located.  Was it the shotgun found in the couch also used to support the endangerment charge? 

And maybe more importantly why were illegally altered (fully automated AR-15 and  sawed off shotgun) gun ownership charges NOT filed since each of these is a felony count?  And since murder charges were filed, why is it gun enhancement charges weren’t, since everyone else charged with murder while using a gun, has had them added? 

Maybe today will provide some answers.  The hearing should be interesting.

We’ll be back with the happenings from court this afternoon.


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One thought on “Kari Abbey Prelim Final Arguments Today

  1. As the trial progresses they can add more charges, even today’s hearing could turn into that moment where charges are added or dismissed.

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