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Government Mandates?

By EOM Staff

The conservative right is aghast at President Obama’s attempt to make birth control easily accessible and affordable for all women.  I understand the religious aspect of opposing this, however, if you don’t believe in birth control just don’t use it.  Churches, synagogues, and other religious institutions are exempt.  But I just saw Sarah Palin on the news asking “how dare the government MANDATE that we do anything? How dare they MANDATE that insurance companies pay for something?”  Funny, she supported a republican proposed MANDATE to require women wanting an abortion to have an ultrasound, listen to a fetal heartbeat and then sit through a pro-life lecture from her doctor (even if the doctor supports abortion rights) prior to having the procedure done.  This republican proposed MANDATE forces both the woman and the doctor to comply with the government telling them what to do.  If passed, would this MANDATE require insurance companies to pay for a medically unnecessary ultrasound procedure?  How would that be any different from requiring them to pay for birth control?

The conservatives are forgetting that several years ago the government MANDATED that if an insurance company covered Viagra, they must cover birth control.  Imagine the reaction of men across this country if insurances suddenly stopped paying for that magic little blue pill that they love so much!

Apparently the only acceptable government mandate is a republican one  that infringes  upon the rights of millions of American women.

Prepare yourselves men.  Your mothers, your wives, your sisters, and your daughters will take to the streets soon.  Will you support them?  Or will you sit back and let the conservatives eat away at their rights?



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