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Stop MIDInsanity.com

My friends, if you care about the future of our City, County and Valley, please take a few moments and
read from the several articles contained in the site, below.
The Management and several Directors of the MID have been engaged in a malicious attempt to sell the 
most precious asset we own, our pure water.  MID was created to protect our rivers, our water, and
provide water to farmers.  In the last 100 years, that water has created a bounty far beyond what
the creators dreamed.  Our farmers feed the world, and make an economy our of the drops of water
provided by their predecessors.  MID wants to get out of the Agriculture water business, and would
start by selling “small” amounts of water to San Francisco.
Please understand that this first sale of a “small” amount of water equals the total annual water supply for
the Cities of Turlock, Riverbank AND Oakdale.  And that is just what MID admits to now.
Again, please take a look at this site. Thank you very much, Dave

It is finally up.  Spread the word.  We need to get the real facts out about this insane water sale.

There is no water to sell.  It is all contracted.



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