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MID Pays Tim O’Laughlin $1.5 Million in the Last Two Years

By Emerson Drake

Talk about attorney’s fees…

So you wonder where your money went?  You wonder why the rates keep going ever skyward?  Thank Tom Van Groningen, Allen Short, Paul Warda, and Glen Wild for paying O’Laughlin over $100,000 for February alone. 

Where did his big jump in pay come from you ask? From accompanying Allen Short around trying to convince gullible citizens that selling our water makes sense.

To use O’Laughlin’s favorite phrase from a recent council meeting where he was faking surprise, “I’m Shocked, just Shocked!”

Do you wonder why the Modesto Chamber of Commerce fell in behind the water sale so quickly without truly giving those against the sale an equal hearing?

It’s all about money!

It’s called the Presidents Club Circle of Influence..

View of 10th street of Modesto.

View of 10th street of Modesto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GOLD LEVEL. (check out Progress News pg. 9  next to the Lovelady’s ad) http://www.modchamber.org/news/default.asp

How did they get there? 

MONEY..the $1,000.00 ad they bought was a good start. But MID, using ratepayers money, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Want to buy influence in Modesto?  Just use a couple of Million dollars worth of electric and water ratepayers money to pay a  lawyer that keeps changing what he laughingly calls facts, buy a few ads, and you’re home free.

Some of you may believe the three obstinate minds,  Tom VanGroningen,  Paul Warda, and Glen Wild, can be made to see reason.  But as sad as it makes me to say it,

You’re wrong.


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