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More Corruption at MID

From Dave Thomas,

In  one of the most egregious in-your-face deals imaginable, Allen Short has made a deal with MID union employees to increase their already bloated salaries by 4%.  That is correct, “The contract was drafted with the help of an outside negotiator.  Two of the three bargainin  units have accepted it, MID General Manager Allen Short said.” (The Modesto BEE, page A-1, July 16y, 2012)

        If we did not understand how out of control MID management is, this should be the final teachable moment.  Remember, that $100,000 a year meter reader gets another $40,000 in benefits, partly because he pays NOTHING into his pension.  Short’s pay will likely be increased by a lame Board of Directors, meaning a monthly increase of about $10,000.

        This pay raise will also be used to justify the next electricity rate increase. 

        If there was ever evidence that Short must go, this is it.  Also, Glen Wild and Tom VanGronigan will be up for re-election next year.  Remember this when you vote.

        Thank you, Dave


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