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Wisconsin Shooting Victims Memorialized

By  Emerson Drake

Last night at the Sikh Temple outside Turlock a cross-section from the community embraced those from the local Sikh Temple, reminding everyone all Americans hold Religious Freedom dear to our hearts along with Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. 

People from all walks of life were in attendance. From County Supervisors, local Mayors , Police Chiefs to us regular citizens all partaking in the candlelight vigil.  Representatives of the Sikh Temple thanked both Wisconsin police officers for their efforts that fateful day, and local Police and Sheriff’s deputies  for their continued concern and support. While several community groups were mentioned, the Latino Community Roundtable was especially noted for providing extraordinary assistance in organizing the observance with Maggie Mejia and Rosealinda Vierra being singled out for special recognition.

Several hundred people attended and all were made welcome. Everyone was invited to partake in the evening meal.  It was heartwarming to see so many people  honoring the dead while celebrating life.


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