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Salida MAC Committee Meets Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Salida Library

Salida MAC Newsletter – October 2012

NOTE: So much content and information was shared at our September 2012 Salida MAC meeting that I decided to compile it on a blog because there’s no way all of this info could fit into our printed newsletter. ~ Editor, Katherine Borges

Supervisor District 3 Report and Salida Annexation Update – Stanislaus County Supervisor Terry Withrow reported that as of September 25, they were about 15 days into the 60 days for the contracted term of the Goodwin Consulting Fiscal Feasibility Study and then the city and county will decide if they can come to a cost-sharing agreement. He reiterated that he supports Salida’s citizens and “will not push anything that isn’t what Salida wants”. Supervisor Withrow then gave a brief history of the Salida Community Plan.
There is a petition available 

on-line to protest the attempted annexation of Salida by Modesto you will want to read and possibly sign.

Here is the link for the petition: 


Remember knowledge is power so read up and understand what Modesto politicians are trying to do and then let your voice be heard.

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One thought on “Salida MAC Committee Meets Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Salida Library

  1. sheila on said:

    I am a home owner and i would llie to keep Salida Ca not shared with Modesto Ca

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