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Modesto Public Art Committee is Staging a Coup d`etat

Public Art in Chicago

Public Art in Chicago (Photo credit: Pam_Broviak)

By Emerson Drake

The Modesto Public Art Committee (PAC) is meeting Monday November 26,2012 to discuss an attempt to control the regulation of Public Art in Modesto. The PAC was formed years ago and despite creating a many page document they could never manage to get it authorized by the Modesto City Council.  I think there are probably many reasons for this and likely for good reason.

The potential regulation of art especially mural art in public places has come to the forefront since Modesto City Councilman John Gunderson brought it to the public eye.  Here is the latest information I could find regarding the Modesto Cultural Commission, its members and the end of their appointments.

Alice Ingham Richards 1/1/2013
Grace Lieberman 1/1/2010
Antony Little 1/1/2011
Henrietta Sparkman 1/1/2012
Kate Trompetter 1/1/2014

It would seem things are just a bit out of date.  The last time they tried to get the following rules implemented was in 2006 and it seems the City Council wasn’t interested. 

According to the City Callender : 3:30 PM – Public Art Committee Meeting  
McHenry Museum, 1402 I Street, Contact Ellen La Coste 577-5235

I encourage everyone interested to attend.  The following link will take you to the Public Art Master Plan.  Sounds almost ominous doesn’t it.



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