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The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Eviction Report in Full

English: Armstrong Sheriff's Office Badge

By Emerson Drake

We don’t intend on providing commentary on this story.  Our only desire is to bring you news and allow you to read it for yourself.

Here is the report’s entire 122 pages:

stanislaussheriff_parisreport_2013-01_secured (3)

The Sheriff’s badge isn’t Stanislaus County


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One thought on “The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Eviction Report in Full

  1. SHANSEN on said:

    Why doesn’t the report speak of the poisonous atmosphere Sheriff Adam Christianson created after he allowed a corrupt Sherriff Detective, who gunned down her daddy’s poor resident on the Westside of Modesto, walk free. Why doesn’t the report speak of the Modesto Police Departments brutality investigation and how it has fractured public confidence in local law enforcement? Why doesn’t the report explain that the poor communities do not trust local law enforcement? Obviously this was apparent, that is why no one called the police when an armed civilian walked around their neighborhood; as the reports states: ” alarming as this was no one called the police.”

    The report also states: No “Calling Cards” …described the activity and neighborhood “There is always a calling card that people are upset with you. We didn’t have any of that.” Oh, really… wasn’t “FTP” / “F__k the police sprayed across the freeway wall off an exit that enters this area.

    Why weren’t the above facts addressed in this report? What is really going on in good ol’ Stanislaus County?!

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