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Salida Says NO but Will the Mayor Listen?


Location in the state of California

Location in the state of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Emerson Drake

Salida turned out for the Salida MAC meeting in larger numbers than I’ve seen Modesto EVER turn out for a council meeting.  Over 243 citizens of Salida attended and stayed for the better part of two hours to let Modesto’s Mayor Garrad Marsh know they weren’t interested  in being part of Modesto. Cars were seen pulling into the Salida library parking lot and leaving when they couldn’t find a parking space.

Speaker after speaker came to the mic to speak against the potential annexation.  Mayor Marsh, who hadn’t requested time on the agenda, wanted special treatment which wasn’t afforded. It’s hard to blame the MAC Board since Marsh had been playing games with the Salida AD Hoc committee . When Modesto’s Mayor had the opportunity to address the crowd, instead of discussing his annexation plans he chose to talk about his family’s past connection with Salida.  Was any of it relevant? No, but it was his choice and his avoidance of the topic people were there to listen to, says volumes.

When the conversation wasn’t going the way he liked, and Modesto Councilman Dave Cogdill became disruptive and was politely asked to quiet down, he almost left in a snit. Fortunately (I think) Supervisor Chiesa talked with him and managed to get him to return to his seat.  Silver spoons get in your way sometimes and it did his that night.

When the crowd was asked to raise their hands to gauge its temperature no one raised their hands in support of annexation, about a dozen suggested they wanted more information, and a forest of hands were raised when asked who was against annexation.

Unfortunately politicians with an agenda suggest the people assembled don’t represent the true feelings of Salidans.  I suggest to you they are VERY MISTAKEN.

Unfortunately due to an electronic glitch the audio recording of the meeting was lost.  But those assembled  remember what was said and how they felt.


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