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Salida MAC Officially Votes Against Annexation by Modesto

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures ...

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures that I took for the Infobox in the Modesto, California Article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Emerson Drake

Tonight in front of one hundred Salidans, twenty-five being admitted first time attendees, the  Salida Municipal Advisory Council or Salida MAC officially voted against being annexed by Modesto.  County Supervisor Withrow took notice of, what was once again, an overwhelming majority of the crowd (none for, two had questions, and the balance against annexation) and so did the Salida MAC.

The MAC’s Chairman Thomas Reeves spoke, saying  he, the MAC and the Ad Hoc Committee had read both versions of the Goodwin Report and found nothing to persuade him or others to be in favor of annexation. The public had an opportunity to voice their opinion and once again no one spoke for annexation. 

The Salida MAC vote was unanimous.  MAC member Brad Johnson pointed out it was democracy at its finest.

Modesto Councilman David Geer and City Manager Greg Nyhoff were in attendance as were Stanislaus County CEO Monica Nino and  Sheriff Christianson. The Sheriff received a long round of applause for his departments efforts in keeping Salida’s crime level much lower than Modesto’s. Will having Modesto officials watching the meeting and seeing the result  have an effect on Modesto’s Mayor’s drive for annexation?  Only time will tell.

MAC Chairman Thomas Reeves accepted the responsibility to write Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh a letter detailing Salida’s decision.


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