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Things to do Places to be This Week for Central Valley Citizens

Monday– Modesto’s General Plan Amendment Update is at 6:00 PM  in the Peterson Event Center 720 12th St. Modesto

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures ...

A montage I (Valente Q.C.) made with pictures that I took for the Infobox in the Modesto, California Article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The General Plan establishes policy for Modesto which affects all of the surrounding communities. The General                               Plan establishes policy direction regarding Modesto’s future growth and development. The GPA also proposes changes in both land use and street diagrams.  So if you want to have some input in Modesto’s future the time is now.   As the Farm Bureau likes to say…If you aren’t at the table you’re probably on the menu.”  It’s your chance to speak out against special interest groups and their attempt to control our future.

Tuesday– Board of Supervisor’s Meeting – Petition day, Save our Water

The BoS meets at 6:30 PM tonight at 1010 10th St.  Take the opportunity to speak out to protect the Central Valley’s water go to http://www.calsmartwater.org  and sign the petition preventing the state from stealing our water.

Wednesday–  Attend the State Water Resources Board Hearing Sacramento

You can drive up by yourself, reserve a seat on the bus, or caravan there with others. The topic is: Board Workshop – Statewide Policy for Biological Objectives in Perennial Streams. Growers, irrigators, customers and ratepayers in MercedID, MID, OID, SSJID and TID are encouraged to attend and witness the process.  We all have a story to tell and how this could personally affect your family, business or employment are all stories the State Board needs to hear.

The State Board will only ask for comments that are different from previous speakers. If you have something to add to the comments, they can be done at the meeting or written comments may be provided prior to the March 29th deadline.  For more information or to RSVP, contact Michelle Reimers at TID –mareimers@tid.org – (209) 883-8530 or Melissa Williams at MID –melissaw@mid.org – (209) 526-7390.

Thursday– There are a host of Modesto Committee Meetings and one County Meeting

                     9:00 AM- Stanislaus Services Agency also called the JPA or Animal Services 3647 Cornucopia Way.  There are nine items on the agenda including the Animal Protection Ordinance. The number you can call is (209) 342-1742 w/voicemail

                     11:00 AM – Waste-to-Energy Executive Committee & Financing Agency Meeting
Tenth Street Place, 4th Floor Room 4104, Contact Annette Byrne 577-5494  

12:00 PM – Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee Meeting     
Tenth Street Place, 2nd Floor Room 2008, Contact David Paladini 571-5822

4:00 PM – Airport Advisory Committee Meeting     
Airport Administration Office, 617 Airport Way, Contact Katie Brown 577-5305 

4:00 PM – Disabled Access Appeals Board Meeting     
Tenth Street Place, 2nd Floor Room 2005, Contact Cindy Haynes 577-5252

Friday–  The “12th annual Cesar E Chavez Si Se Puede Empowerment Luncheon                                                               At the Peterson Event Center 720 12th St. Modesto. Tickets are $20.00 each and must be purchased before Wednesday Contact Maggie Mejia Latino Community Roundtable  (LCR)  Contact Maggie at:

mejiam3@sbcglobal.net  She lost her voice so please don’t call.
    REMEMBER,  Be an active engaged Citizen!  Don’t be one of the ones Government JUST HAPPENS TO. 

   They can only govern by ambush if we let them.


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