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Denny Jackman to Present Residential Urban Limit to Planning Commission

Tonight at 6:00 PM in the basement of 1010 10th St. Denny will be trying to get the Planning Commission to approve his RUL Measure for the Economic Development Committee in hopes of bringing it to the City Council in time to place it on the ballot in November.


The Chamber of Commerce has its own Pathway to Growth plan for Modesto.


The overreach on the Chambers plan is best appreciated when you place the two maps close together. Denny’s plan saves prime farmland and the Chamber’s uses it for planting driveways.

The thing to remember is every acre of prime farmland under production brings in $25,000 to Stanislaus County’s economy. ┬áHomes cost us $3-5,000 per acre above and beyond the taxes they bring in.




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