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What’s on America’s Mind at 7:30 PM After the City Council Meeting

Tonight’s special starting time is 7:30 PM

The discussion will include Texas roadside body cavity searches of women, and explanation of the phrase All Politics are Local, a

08/12/2009: Lights of Christmas

report from tonight’s Modesto City Council meeting on Denny Jackman’s RUL proposal, an update on the Chambers Pathway to SPRAWL, ┬áthe one percent tax proposal, these and more so tune in at 7:30 PM Wednesday and find out the things you really ┬áneed to know.

104.9 FM Modesto our Flag Ship station

To listen to the show live or from or archive at a later date :http://www.blogtalkradio.com/centralvalleyhornet/2013/08/08/whats-on-americas-mind-with-emerson-drake


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