Eye On Modesto

Thoughts and observations about Modesto and Stanislaus County

What’s on America’s Mind With Emerson Drake..Friday at Noon.

Français : Radio Contact 104.9 FM

Français : Radio Contact 104.9 FM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Topics include Thank God and Grey Hound She’s Gone…a tribute to the
Bee’s Judy Sly,  the continuing War on Women’s Rights, When did we
really start to lose our privacy, Measure X just won’t go away,
Modesto’s General Plan Amendment, the Entertainment Commission, Downtown
revitalization,  these topics and more so tune in and find out what you
need to know to make decisions important to you, your family and your
community. Friday at Noon.


104.9 FM our flagship station


To listen live or from the archives at your convenience  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/whats-on-americas-mind/2013/11/22/whats-on-americas-mind-with-emerson-drakefriday-at-noon



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