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Modesto Bee Sells and Shares YOUR Personal Information

By Emerson Drake  laptoppic

Most people think of giant national companies when they think of data mining.  On 3/23/14 the Bee revised its privacy policy.   Here is a list of companies the Modesto Bee sells and or shares your personal and browsing information with. You can opt out if you choose but not all of the companies they sell/share with will allow you to do so. WE tried to opt out on all and as you can see it didn’t work as advertised. The numbers may surprise you.

3 Interactive Ad Network opt-out fail
33 Across Ad Network opt-out fail
50onRed Ad Network
[x + 1] Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Accordant Media Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Acxiom Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Ad Pepper Ad Network
Adacado AdNetwork opt-out fail
Adap.tv Ad Network opt-out fail
Adara Media Ad Network

AdBrite Exchange
AdBuyer Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
AdChemy Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Adconion Ad Network
AddThis (XGraph) Ad Network

Adgent Digital Ad Platform
Adgorithms Ad Network opt-out fail
Adition Tech. AG Ad Platform opt-out fail
AdJug Ad Platform opt-out fail
AdKnowledge Ad Network
Adlantic Online Advertising Ad Network opt-out fail
Admeld Ad Network opt-out fail
Admetrics Media Ad Platform opt-out fail
AdMob Ad Network
Adnologies Ad Platform opt-out fail
AdoTube Ad Platform
AdReady Ad Network opt-out fail
Adscale Ad Network
AdShark Retargeting / Optimization
Adsimilis Powered by AppNexus Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
AdTech Ad Platform opt-out fail
AdTiger Ad Network
Advance Internet Ad Network
Advertising.com (AOL) Ad Network
AdzCentral Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Aerify Media Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Affilinet Ad Network
Affine System Ad Network opt-out fail
Agenda Media Ad Network
Akamai (aCerno) opt-out fail
Alliant Retargeting / Optimization
Amazon Ad Network opt-out fail
Ampush Ad Network
AOL Ad Network
AppNexus Ad Network opt-out fail
AT&T AdWorks Ad Network
Audience Science Ad Network opt-out fail
Audience2Media Ad Network opt-out fail
AudienceScience (Connect) Ad Network opt-out fail
Avazu Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Baynote Inc. Ad Platform
Bering Media Retargeting / Optimization
BidVertiser Ad Network
Billboard Ad Network
Blastro Networks Ad Network
Blue Kai, Inc. Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
Blue Kai, Inc. AT&T Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
Blue Lithium AdNetwork
Brainient Retargeting / Optimization
Brand Networks (Optimal Inc.) Ad Network opt-out fail
Brandscreen Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Brightcove Ad Platform
BrightRoll Ad Network opt-out fail
Business Journals Ad Network
Casale Media – MediaNet Ad Network opt-out fail
CBS Interactive Ad Network

Centro Brand Exchange Ad Network opt-out fail
Chango Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Channel intelligence by Google Ad Network opt-out fail
ClickMagic Ad Network
Clove Network Ad Network opt-out fail
Compete Ad Network
Conde Nast Digital Ad Platform
Conversant Enterprise Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Conversant Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Conversant Tech Ad Platform
Core Audience (Red Aril) Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
CPMStar Ad Network opt-out fail
Creafi Ad Network
Crimson Tangerine Ad Network opt-out fail
Criteo Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Crowd Science Data Provider / Aggregator
Crunch Digital Marketing Company Ad Network
Dapper Retargeting / Optimization
Datapoint Media Retargeting / Optimization

Datonics (formerly AlmondNet) Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
Demand Media Studios Ad Network
Demdex Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
DidIt Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Digital Reach Ad Platform
DoubleClick by Google Ad Platform opt-out fail
DSNR Media Group Ad Network
Dstillery (Media6Degrees) Ad Network opt-out fail
e-Viral Ad Network
Ebay Ad Network
Echo Ad Network
EDGAR Online Data Provider / Aggregator
Efficient Frontier by Adobe Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Eloqua (Oracle) Data Provider / Aggregator
Emediate Ad Platform
Every Day Health Ad Network
Exact Drive Ad Platform opt-out fail
eXelate Media Exchange opt-out fail
Experian Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
Facebook (Atlas Solutions) Ad Platform

Flite Ad Network
Frontline Media Data Provider / Aggregator
FullSixGroup Ad Network
Gannett Digital Media Network Ad Network
Glam Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Goodway Group Retargeting / Optimization
Google opt-out fail
Google Display Network Ad Network opt-out fail
Greystripe Ad Network
harrenmedia Ad Network
Harvest Digital Ad Network
HookLogic Ad Network
Horyzon Media Ad Network
Httpool Ad Network
iBillboard Ad Server
IBM TruEffect Ad Network
Impresiones Web, SL Ad Network
improve digital AdNetwork
Inadco Inc. Ad Network opt-out fail
InSkin Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Instore Audience Ad Network
Intent Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Intergi Ad Network
Invertise Ad Network
iPromote Ad Network opt-out fail
iProspect Retargeting / Optimization
Jemm Group Ad Network
Kitara Media Ad Network
Kontera Ad Platform opt-out fail
LeanMarket Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
lifestreet media Ad Network
LiveRamp Retargeting / Optimization

Lodestone Social Ad Platform
Longtail Video Ad Platform
Lotame Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
Marimedia Ad Network
Martini Media Ad Network opt-out fail
MasterCard Advisors Data Provider / Aggregator
Matomy Media (Mediawhiz) Ad Platform opt-out fail
Media Networks, Inc. (MNI) Ad Network
Media Ocean Ad Platform
Media.Net Ad Platform
MediaFem Ad Network
MediaForce Ad Network
MediaForge Retargeting / Optimization
MediaMath Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
MediaScale Ad Network
MediaShift (Travora Media Group) Ad Network opt-out fail
Medicx Retargeting / Optimization
Meta Network Ad Network
Microsoft Advertising Ad Network

Microsoft Corporation (MSN) Ad Platform

Mirando Ad Network
Mixpo Ad Platform opt-out fail
Monster Worldwide Ad Network opt-out fail
NAF Digital Ad Network
Nanigans Ad Platform opt-out fail
NetMining Ad Network opt-out fail
Netvibes Ad Network
Neustar Data Provider / Aggregator
New Relic Inc. Ad Platform
Next Audience (Newtention) Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
nugg.ad Retargeting / Optimization
Ooyala Ad Platform
Operative Ad Platform
Optimizely Retargeting / Optimization
Ozone Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Peer39 Data Provider / Aggregator
Penton Ad Network
Perceptive Software (Twistage, Inc.) Ad Platform
Perfect Audience Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
Plista Ad Network

Proclivity Systems Data Provider / Aggregator
Quigo Technologies – Adsonar AdNetwork
RadiumOne Ad Network opt-out fail
Reach Local Ad Network
ReTargeter Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
RevenueMax Retargeting / Optimization
RGM Ad Network
Rio SEO (Meteor Solutions) Data Provider / Aggregator
RMM Online Advertising Ad Network
Rocket Fuel Ad Network opt-out fail
Say Media Ad Network
Scripps Networks Ad Network
SearchForce Retargeting / Optimization
Serranetga Ad Network
Sharethrough Ad Platform
Shopzilla Ad Network
Simpli.fi Retargeting / Optimization

Skimlinks Ad Network opt-out fail
Smart ad server Ad Platform
Sojern Ad Network
Solve Media Ad Network
SpotXchange Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Stack Exchange Inc Ad Network
SundaySky Ad Network opt-out fail
Switch Concepts Ad Platform
Tapjoy Ad Network
Targeting360 Retargeting / Optimization opt-out fail
TechClicks Ad Network
Technorati Media Ad Network
The Globe and Mail Ad Network opt-out fail
The Trade Desk Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Thomson Reuters Data Provider / Aggregator
TidalTV Ad Network opt-out fail
TradeDoubler Ad Network
Traffiq Ad Platform
Tremor Media Ad Network opt-out fail
Tribal Fusion Ad Network opt-out fail
TruSignal Retargeting / Optimization
Turn Media Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Tyroo Media Ad Network
uKnow Retargeting / Optimization
Unanimis Ad Network opt-out fail
V12 Group Data Provider / Aggregator opt-out fail
V2Media Ad Network
Varick Media Management AdNetwork opt-out fail
VideoHub Ad Network opt-out fail
Videoplaza Ad Platform
Visual DNA Data Provider / Aggregator
Vizury Ad Network
Vox Media Ad Network
Vzaar Ad Platform
Webads Ad Network opt-out fail
Webbula Public Data Provider / Aggregator
Webgains Data Provider / Aggregator
White-Pages Ad Network
Wired Ad Network
Wistia Ad Platform
Xaxis Ad Network
Yahoo! Ad Network Ad Network
YD Ad Network opt-out fail
Yellow Hammer Media Group Demand Side Platform (DSP) opt-out fail
Yieldlab Sell Side Platform (SSP)
YuMe Networks Ad Network opt-out fail
Zanox Ad Network
ZEDO Ad Network opt-out fail
Zvents Ad Network


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3 thoughts on “Modesto Bee Sells and Shares YOUR Personal Information

  1. Della Genasaci on said:

    I am curious where you were able to get this information? How do I opt out?

  2. Della Genasci on said:

    Oops. Didn’t catch that I misspelled my last name. It’s Genasci

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