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Birgit Fladager Turns Her Back on Elder Abuse Cases

By Emerson Drake stopelderabuse

We were sent an email questioning Birgit Fladager’s refusal to address and lack of involvement in alleged  elder abuse cases where court appointed conservators are involved.  People have been denied the right to even contact their family members and Birgit turns a blind eye to complaints that bank accounts have been drained and property sold off without consulting the families.  Here is the email we received detailing many questionable actions by Court appointed conservators:

Perhaps the citizens of Modesto, California, should also check out and investigate most of the many, many years, of the Conservatorships, Trusts, Special Needs etc., in the Family Law / Probate Dept. and all through the District Attorney Birdit Fladager. We as family and many other families in these many years have filed complaints, concerning our loved ones and the Estates, being cleaned out, injustices happening and ongoing. There is a ” Web of Corruption ” and it filtered down, in the different departments, of the very persons, that are suppose to protect the elderly and to insure that all of the Constitutional / Conservatee’s Rights , are protected. Especially, the lives . This,,,, they do not do.

We have written to, filed many complaints and of course, ALL has been ignored, lost, hidden and in truth, ignored, even though as per Calif. Rules of Court, they must file, they sometimes will not ! Although all documents were sent by the USPO and certified, the Family Law / Probate Dept. , will still ignore, the complaints and pleas , from the many, many, victims and the families. Even D. A. Birdit Fladager, recieved a complaint and we did get a response from her, pretty much treating us as ” dummies ” and telling us that ” we do not know the laws etc., “. She actually, was very unprofessional and through her snippy remarks, we made sure, that we learned the laws , to one day, go before her and use them back to her, as she told us. She since this time, has NOT done one thing, to protect the elderly, the victims, nor the families. etc. Only, since her inappropriate letter to us, we ” DID learn the laws, our rights and we have filed so many documents of complaints etc., , knowing that they would continue to ignore us and to ” further, with proof, we will file the largest Class- Action, against Stanislaus County, that they have ever been witnesses too and named “. This will also, include, ” Wrongful Deaths and unbelievable abuse etc. “, Moral Terpitude, Defamation of Character, Slander, Denial of Constitutional / Conservatee’s Rights etc., and through Willful, Malicious Intent etc.,

If you are all interested in some of this, then go into the Case Index Files (www.stanct.org , the click into the case files , or put in the persons names ) and pull up all of the cases, concerning the Mother / daughter team of Conservators, Trustee’s , Guardians etc., named M. Terry Campbell #230 ( actually an invalid, cited 2- times and fined , since 10-31-2011 , through the Calif. Professional Fiduciary Board ) and Laurie Jean Jamison # 376 . They have cases together and separately and still many OPEN. You can believe us, when we say that , no matter what these 2 women do, including putting the property, accounts, over billing, triple billings, Estrinsic Fraud, Perjury , Embezzlment, Real Estate Fraud , Estrinsic Fraud etc. , allowing abuse and just plain ” committing perjury and lies to the courts “, they will always, be ruled for and the families are denied, even the rights to have a Telephonic Hearing, to tell the Judge the truth. We can assure you, that we can provide years of files cabinets, from many families to prove of these injustices, abuse and deaths in the control and hands of these women. For MANY YEARS and ” no one will try to stop the, from any Stanislaus Co. Fam. / Pro. Dept.!

WHY ? Well, we know why now and it is not hard to figure out. It took many families, all over the country, that have been destoryed, lost loved ones and had their estates completely cleaned out, to ALL contact each other, put the stories, cases and the unmistakeable PATTERNS together, to know the names, the dept., and the corrupt practices.

Perhpas, they do get away with it, as the M. Terry Campbell # 230, actually did work for the Stanislaus Co. Family Law Department and for over 20 – years . M. T. Campbell, has entered into the complaints on her, that she ” worked as a Probate Examiner, a Court Investigator and a Paralegal in these 20 to 30 years and for the Stan. Co. “. , before she retired, with the City Benefits, in 03 – 2003 .

Meaning, that since her and her daughter and business partner, the Laurie Jean Jamison , are really only 2 of a FEW , Conservators , ETC, that must be ” licensed in the Stan. Co., and the surrounding area, they are the ones, to be ” Court Appointed, with the Court Investigators Managers approvals etc., for most cases. You see, the are all ex-working assoiciates and ” friends too even in the FB. sites “. Meaning, that it is like the ” good old boys club “, but here, it is ALL women. !! Believe us, we have checked out, even the clubs, organizations , etc., that they all are in too. There is a ” Huge Pattern of Corruption ” and we will bring the truth out, as we are trying to save the dying vitims in their care. Also, what we have above, is perhaps a ” Conflict of Interest ” and all personnel, all city officials etc., do ignore all complaints and for MANY, YEARS !

WE, again, can and will prove, of the allegations above and concerning many, many families and victims, still ongoing.

So, if anyone out there, really wants to even save the animals, perhaps you should include our elderly, the Veterans, the Special Needs etc., in your plight and show just how that the District Attorney,the Stanislaus Co. Family Law / Probate etc. Courts, has allowed and participated in the corruption concerning so many Conservatorship / Trustee and Special Needs cases, of these 2 – protected and corrupt , unfeeling and abusive women, Laurie Jean Jamison P.F.L.# 376 and M. Terry Campbell , unlicensed # 230 .

Oh, by the way, by all state laws, a person has to be state licensed, through the Calif. Professional Fiduciary Board and especially if they have 2 – to 3 , OPEN AND ACTIVE CASES. Well they do have many, many open cases. Yet there is another so called Conservatee/ Trustee, that has NEVER, been licensed EVER ! Now the county, the Boards etc., have ALL been notified time and time again, that a woman from Merced, named Joanne Ringstrom, ( Jo anne etc. she spells it different, at different times ) is in the Stan. Case Index files too . She has and has had over 8- plus cases and they will never do a thing to her. If you check this out, she also has and has had with the M. Terry Campbell, many ” questionable open cases and for up to 20 years or more “. By the files to this date., they are still open too and actice. Yet, again, she has NEVEr had a license, since the state law went tinto effect, on 07-01-2008. Make no mistake, we do have the years too, of the printed out index files, the cases, the hearings, the petitions etc., so that ALL of our allegations here, can and will be proven . ( Just in case anyone from the courts do read this and perhaps may want to ” alter and fabricate the files, as sometimes this has happened “. We can prove too, if this is done.

This too, falls into the District Attorney’s lap, as it it their department too.

So, since the District Attorney, Birgit Fladager, does not seem to ever care about the lives of the elderly, the Veterans and the Special Needs, then perhaps the public needs to be aware , ” that this corruption and injustices, abuses and deaths, can and will, one day, come into their own homes “. At any Family Probate/ Conservatorship, etc., hearing , this can effect the most vunerable and elderly. Please do not be ” blindsided “, as so many of us have been. Once you are in the Stan. Court system, you will have all rights and everything taken from you and your family, ” even your rights to ever tell the court the truth “. Even if it concerns family abuse etc., and you reach out to them for ” help ” . If this happens, then they will then know your name and you WILL, forever be in their clutches. Yes, this is a pattern too, that for years, we have put together. At the top of this too, is the Court Investigator Manager and she approves of and is friends with the 2 crooked Cons. above. Start there ,,,.

Perhaps, you may want to advertise, to ask other families, if they have ever had a horrible and bad experience, from the Stanislaus Family / Probate Law Dept.’s ? Give the names of the 2- Conservators to the public. It is legal . You would be shocked, at the victims, that will come forward. We are out of Calif. right now, 2,500 miles away, yet please know, we are many, including families still right there.

One case right now, has been in the webs etc. and this case will break the others wide open and for the huge Class Actions. Google the name June Guinn Missing. / June Guinn Found . The family finally found their Mother June Guinn on 06-10-2013 and after 5 plus years of being denied to even know if June Guinn was alive. NOT, by any court order !!! It was the cruel and inhumane decision, of the Laurie Jean Jamison, M. Terry Campbell and the Sheila Guinn, that actually, had June , in her care 24 hours a day, illegally and for years. They have tried to blame other family members for things and this too, is lies and falls under the Rico Statues, still within the timely manners. Also, they have had June Guinn, since 04-04-2008. Meaning that ALL of the ABUSE, has happened , AFTER 04-04-2008 . They do try to blame others and before this date. Make no mistake, these are slanderous remarks and through perjury, lies of theirs.

Now, if you pull the sites up, just know, that what we have all uncovered and have the medical reports to prove, June Guinn has had MANY near deaths,. in their care and ALL after 04-04-2008 ! June has had a broken leg, where she layed for 2- days, before they took her to the hospital for medical attention, ( it was also called an Open Fracture of the Fibula / Tibia left leg bone ), she has had a broken right arm, broken right hand, all withering and nerve damage, due to NO medical care, kidney failure, due to a kidney injury etc., taken off of 11 – ” unneeded medications, numerous blood transfusion etc., etc., etc., All in the care of them, all as June Guinn is and has been BEDRIDDEN. Yet at each near death emergency, they lie to the Doctors, then June Guinn is sent back to the private home, @ 1726 Lauralee Court, Modesto, Calif. and into the hidden and locked away, hands and control of Sheila Guinn and Laurie Jamison. No one in that city or county, will ever give the love, protection and the care, to June Guinn . No one can get past the front door, for an immediate Welfare Check, to save June Guinn’s life.

Again, we are not saying anything illegal, as we can and will prove, of ALL allegations, medical reports, lies to the doctors etc.

So, as you can see, the City and County, do not care about the lives of our elderly, vulnerbale, Veterans and Special Needs, old and young,,,,, so no wonder, they would not ever care about the animals care and neglect either. It is a circle/ web of corruption and they all cover each others backs, in all that they do.

So, since you are there and it seems that you have had almost enough, maybe you want to investigate our allegations and the truth here. Perhaps, show how the issues are so much alike, in a few ways. It can only help Modesto.

We will get Modesto, Californai, back into the Nationwide Media outlets and not for anything good that they have done. How sad. Modesto, only has, the horrible things told about and because, only horrible things can happen there. How sad.

Thank you. Stop Family Court Corruption

Another voice has spoken out. Courtesy of http://www.theexaminer.com

Elder abuse of June Guinn by Modesto, California conservator

June Guinn has been hidden from her family since 2008. Family fears that June may no longer be alive.

Stanislaus County Court records (Case Number:387352) show June Guinn was placed under conservatorship on December 12, 2007. The court file lists professional fiduciary Laurie Jamisonas conservator. Family andfriends say Jamison has kept June hidden from her loved ones since April 2, 2008.

California’s Notice of Conservatee’s Rights states that a conservatee retains the right to “receive visits from family and friends.” California’s Handbook for Conservators further instructs:

When a person becomes a conservatee, he or she does not lose the right to visit with friends or family. … Do not isolate the conservatee by keeping friends or family away.

California’s Welfare and Institutions Code § 15610.07(a) defines isolation as elder abuse.

Physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment with resulting physical harm or pain ormental suffering.

This Examiner contacted Jamison for an interview and welfare check with June Guinn. Jamison refused and said, “That would be a HIPPA violation.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services specifies that HIPPA covers only medical information. HIPPA does not apply to an individual’s location or general condition.

Professional fiduciary Jamison is committing elder abuse in unlawfully isolating June from her family and friends. As well as being a crime under Penal Code 368, elder abuse by a professional fiduciary is a licensing violation named in the Business and Professions Code 6584(d):

Fraud, dishonesty, corruption, willful violation of duty, gross negligence or incompetence in practice, or unprofessional conduct in, or related to, the practice of a professional fiduciary.

Advocates filed a complaint with the Professional Fiduciaries Board on June 9, 2013.


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7 thoughts on “Birgit Fladager Turns Her Back on Elder Abuse Cases

  1. L. R. Brown on said:

    The truth…describes Stanislaus County perfectly!

  2. We want to say ” Thank you so much “, for posting our letter. We are just trying with all of our hearts, to inform the public . So much is still happening, all corrupt and criminal.

    Again, we very much appreciate , your post, for so many of us.

  3. To Eye on Modesto . An Update on the death of June E. Guinn, since our last posting.

    First of all, we want to say ” Thank you so much “, for posting our first artilcle, concerning , June E. Guinn, all of us, the family and friends, trying to ” SAVE THE LIFE OF OUR BELOVED, JUNE ELIZABETH GUINN. ” As much as we tried to get the facts and the truth out and into the Stanislaus Superior Court, Family / Probate and of the ongoing abuse to June Elizabeth Guinn, we were denied, stopped and they made sure that all of the pages of the complaints, proof of the mental, physical and financial abuse, was NOT entered, filed and recorded as per Claif. Laws. Even to the Court Investigator Manager, Sandy Lucas, she refused to submit the truth to the Judge Loretta Begen, at the 08-20-2013 court hearing. The C. I. Sandy Lucas and the so called Conservator, Laurie Jean Jamison P.F.L. # 376, would indeed, perjury themselves, to the court, stating that ‘ in the daily investigation reports, by the C.I.M. Sandy Lucas, June Guinn is well, healthy and thriving, under the care of Laurie Jamison “. So, with all of this, they were granted, the rights to take the ” Constitutional / Conservatee’s Rights of June Elizabeth Guinn ” and ALL , of the family and friends rights too. We all know now, that this were all LIES ! All, of this too, even though June Guinn’s story, helped to pass the Senate Bill AB-937.

    You can read the Minute Report dated 08-20-2013 and what the facts state. Also, ALL of the many, many family members and friends of June Guinn, were denied the rights to visit her, call her and to even know the truth about June Guinn’s medical condition and for over 6 years. Not by a court order, only the ” cruel and inhumane decision, of Laurie Jamison, M. Terry Campbell and Sheila Rene Guinn. ” They were doing their best, to punish June Guinn and they did this and for years. Protected, by the very Stanislaus Court, that was suppose to protect June Guinn .They refused to do this and all as they protected and covered up for the crooks ! We could NEVER get the truth into the Court, at any time as it is all filtered, by the court crooks and in the ” web of corruption, that again, we can and will prove “! We were even DENIED a Telephonic Hearing to tell the truth, we are 2,500 miles away and we are with a hardship. No matter, we were treated like dogs, told that we ” have no standing and were were refused the right to even speak, to tell the truth. ” June Guinn, died, without seeing family for over 6 years etc. !

    You see, we and the courts were told, ” that June Guinn, was well, healthy and thriving, under Laurie Jamison # 376, her care.” WHAT ? June Guinn was healthy, yet now dead and with broken bones, an untimely death and NO AUTOPSY ETC. Now, for a ” well, healthy and thriving woman, that according to them, was in good health ” ???

    On 09-25-2013, and after the family and friends, persisted, in trying to find out even if June Guinn, ( Mom ) was even alive etc., and her true medical condition etc., we would finally, get a 1 paragraph, notification, by the U.S. mail, ” that June Guinn was now, off of the care of the ” Community Hospice, because her health was so improved. ” This came from the so-called Professional Conservator, Laurie Jean Jamisom # 376.

    Now, the interesting thing about this, is that only 3 weeks before this and again, ” under oath and perjury of the laws “, at the hearing on 08-20-2013, they did NOT tell the Judge Begen, the court, nor the Family and friends, that June Guinn was even with Hospice and ill. !!! They had her the 3 weeks earlier, as ” well, healthy and thriving under Laurie Jamisons care etc. ” Again, proving of the blatant perjury to the Judge Begen etc.

    Now, we find out 3 – weeks later, that June Guinn, had been in the care of Hospice !! Meaning again and we do have the legal documents to prove this, that the Court Investigator Manager, Sandy Lucas and the Conservator, Laurie Jean Jamison # 376, did indeed, lie to the court, the Judge Begen, they perjured themselves and they have still been lying, to all of us for the next 8 months and in truth, for the last 6 – plus years. We could NEVER get Laurie Jean Jamison or Sheila Rene Guinn, to ever tell us the truth, to ever protect Juen Guinn, nor would Laurie ever let us, the family and frineds know of the true medical conditions of our June E. Guinn. As far as the C.I., well, she is their friend and “she can do anything that she wants, using her Court Investigator M., JOB TITLE. ”

    You see, we lost this round of our battle in trying to save the life of June E, Guinn.

    June Elizabeth Guinn passed away on 06-23-2014 @ 5:12 a.m. and @ HOME.

    We the family, would not even know, until over 24 hours later and only after we emailed Laurie Jean Jamison # 376, for the medical updates, pictures of June Guinn and the facts that we ” would send the police in, to take pictures and the abuse would be on record etc. “. ( Laurie Jamison # 376, has refused all along, to ever respond truthfully with our concerns and we did not really expect her to respond this time either. ) This WAS THE ONLY, REASON, that Laurie Jamison # 376 did send us an email back and a very unethical and disrespetful one at that ! ( We believe that she was afraid, of the police going to the door and that we had others lined up, to go in. ) Laurie told us, of June Guinn’s death, the day AFTER the death and it was a ” 1 line email notification ” , that our June Guinn, passed away, the day before etc. !! Laurie said that she would noitfy us, for the services. This was it !!! NOTHING AT ALL, SINCE AND 16 DAYS AGO !

    We were frantic and called the Coroner. June Guinn was not there and was NOT, to be taken there, by what the Coroner said, as there was ” no need to “. It seems that a ” retired doctor, named Dr. Thomas Gray, that does ” volunteer work for the Community Hospice “, signed the @ home Death Certificate ” that June Guinn died of natural causes etc. ” So, with this doctor’s signature as Junes’ doctor, they were able to by-pass the Coroners and all other Laws, including the Living Trust Powers, Documents and wishes, of the victim, June E. Guinn. ” Dr. Gray, was never the Primary Doctor of June Guinn and as of today, we can prove these facts too. This seems to all be preplanned and carried out by a ” volunteer doctor, from HOSPICE “, that retired, from his practice in 08-2013.

    Oh, by the way, Laurie Jamison told the family and friends, by the letter, that June Guinn’s health, was so improved, that she let the Community Hospice of Modesto, Calif. GO !!! Really, then how could this ” retired, volunteer doctor, say that he was June Guinn’ s Primary Doctor “? Signing off, on the Death Certificate, bypassing state laws.

    Also, the Community Hospice of Mod. Calif., in 2013, refused all requests, all pleadings etc., from the family and friends, to ever know 1 – THING about June Guinn, as ” they took orders, from Laurie Jamison and Sheila Guinn and no information was to ever be given out. ” We would be denied from the, to even know if they were helping June Guinn. ! ( So much for donations and their advertisements, about respecting the victims and the families. ) The Community Hospice, was RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, they would hang up on us and in 1 instance, actually committed a few crimes ! Then after this, we did get the perjerous letter from Laurie Jean Jamison # 376 and no doubt, trying to cover the abuse, the torture, the broken bones, the many near deaths and so forth up, by lying to the Judge Begen, the Courts, to the Family and friends etc. As it was on the day of the death of June guinn, we did NOT know about Mom being under the Community Hospice care. Again, we were told by Laurie Jamison, that June guinn, was healthy and thriving.

    NOW, our June E. Guinn is dead. June is still being disrespected, diregarded and hidden in isolation, in the Cold Box, all while the Laurie Jean Jamison and Sheila Rene Guinn and the Lakewood Funeral Home, has taken their time, perhaps as they were on vacations, to even submit the Obtituaries, to contact family, friends etc. The Lakewood Funeral Home, in Hughson, Calif. has only today 07-08-2014 , finally listed 1 thing. This again, is 16 days and we the family and friends, have pleaded, for 1 word from them.

    The Lakewood Funeral Home, has had the paid, funeral arrangments, for the services and the legal documents, as to ” who was to be the person the speak for the family etc. ” The plots and prearranged wishes, have been there since 02-1991 and then updated fron 2006 and as per June Guinn’s wishes and legal documents. The documents, have been filed and recorded and all as per the wishes of June Elizabeth Guinn and submitted a number of times, in many years, by June Guinn and Lynda Lucido, her daughter, that June Guinn chose to be her Living Trust Power of Attorney and in all P.O.A. and including the Durable Medical Power of Attorney, etc. Again, all was filed, documented and in order. They threw all of June Guinn’s wishes out, saying that ” June Guinn, did not ever have the rights to ever make a decision on anything about her life and she did not have the right to in their care either. ” So, they refused the legal P.O.A’s and took over !

    Now, we are telling all of you this above, to perhaps prewarn all of the public too. It seems that even a ” prepaid, preplanned and for many years, filed, recorded and documented Living Trust Documents, can and will be thrown out, by the orders of a so-called Conservator and the Lakewood Funeral Home, will also, throw out all of the Living Trust documents etc. and by the orders of the so-called Conservator.” !

    So, all of you beware and ” if you believe you preplanned, documented, filed and recorded Living Trust Documents, will be respected and even by the Funeral Homes, you might want to rethink all of that. Only, we are not through and justice, will prevail.

    You see, in these 16 DAYS, we have been REFUSED any responses from the Laurie Jamison # 376 AND the Lakewood Funeral Home, in Hughson, Calif. We began on 06-24-2014 and this was immnediately, after we found out about June’s death and that the Coroner, was NOT involved. Seems that June Guinn, was already and immediately after death, she was sent to the Lakewood Funeral Home. So, we the family and friends, began to call and we were in shock. We spoke to a Linda, the receptionist etc.and a number of times and others too. They all took messages and information and they all said, that Ricky Ricardo, would contact us back,ASAP. We were told, that a Mr. Ricky Ricardo ( yes this is his name ) was the Funeral Director, on the June Guinn case. Now, we called for days, we emailed Ricky Ricardo for many days and PLEADED with him to contact us back about anything at all. There are 4 other family and friends , web sites, that they too, tried in vain and in emails to have Mr. Ricky Ricardo, contact us back with anything at all.

    To this date 07-08-2014 and 16 DAYS, after June Guinn died, Ricky Ricardo, has STILL REFUSED TO EVER CONTACT 1 FAMILY MEMBER, OR FRIENDS !!! NOT 1 – WORD !!! So much for the Lakewood Funeral Homes and the Director, Ricky Ricardo , ever showing June Guinn’s family and friends ANY RESPECT and to think and read, the advertisement, that they will get back to you in 15 minutes !! This is a lie and we are 16 DAYS later and NO RESPECT, NOR 1 word from Ricky Ricardo ! He seems to forget, that June Guinn, loved her family and his silence and disrespect to her family, ” is a disrespect to June Elizabeth Guinn and her wishes to ” !

    Now, the same goes for the so-called Professional Fiduciary, Laurie Jean Jamison # 376 !
    She contacted us, the DAY AFTER, June Elizabeth Guinn died, on 06-24-2014 and NOT ONE WORD, from her since then, to ANY FAMILY and Friends that have sent her emails and was wanting to know 1 thing, about June Guinn. You see, with the lies, perjury and just the corruption, all of our hands are tied and we are refused and disrespected in everything. The Laurie Jamison # 376, is still stating that she is in ” control of June Guinn “!

    Yet, if any of you are interested, she as a State Licensed Professional Fiduciary. So, she has the Conservators Guideline Rules and Laws, that she MUST abide by and even before and after the death of the Conservatee or Ward etc. She has 23 to 25 other cases too, of Conservtorships, Guardianships and Trusts ! ( So, God help the victims.) Now, for her to leave June Guinn laying for 15 days, while she ” was busy, or could not be bothered, or perhaps, on a vacation, as we were told ) Laurie has went against ALL of her Professional Duties and much, much more, including criminal activities. Laurie Jean Jamison # 376 and as of today, 07-08-2014 and again, 16 DAYS later, she has refused to email, notify and to respect June Guinn’s wishes , the families and friends. NO ONE NOTIFIED !

    Now, to end this and perhaps you can help too. We have written, emailed , pleaded and done so much to get a ” welfare check on June Guinn, even after her death ” ! You see, we have just gotten the medical reports, in the details of the broken bones, of the right arm and right hand, broken left leg, that was an ” open fractured left leg,”, where June Guinn laid in agony for 2 DAYS, before she was rushed to the Doctors Hospital etc, the kidney injuries and many, many, near deaths of June Guinn and ALL happening after 04-04-2008. In the care of M. Terry Campbell ( invalid, cited 2 times and fined # 230 ), Laurie Jean Jamison # 376 and Sheila Rene Guinn, without ANY licenses/certificates.

    We have the pictures too, proving that the right arm and right hand of June Guinn, were indeed not broken, until she was in the care of the abusers etc. WE CAN PROVE of all of it !

    So, we have pleaded with the Lakewood Funeral Home in these 16 DAYS, to file an abuse report, to contact the police, to take the pictures of the broken right arm, the broken right hand, it was useless and withering, due to no medical care and neglect and to notate and to ” report any suspected abuse of June Guinn, before and AFTER DEATH ”

    You see, even a Funeral Director and we are speaking of Ricky Ricardo, as a State Licensed person, HAS A DUTY, ” to report any suspected abuse to the Police, the Sheriff’s Dept, the Social Services and many other state agencies, including the California Professional Fiduciary State Board to file a complaint, of the Laurie Jean Jamison # 376. All of this, they have so far, refused to do and they, as we have said, have refused to even contact us back in these last 16 days.

    The Fuernal and services are now listed ONLT TODAY, in the Lakwewood Obituaries and for Sunday and Monday. We are still trying to get all persons involved and to help June Guinn get the justice, that they refused her in life and now in her death.

    Again, this could be your family next as the corruption is spreading.

    We love our June Elizabeth Guinn with all of our hearts and souls. June knew this and knows it even more now. We know now, that June Elizabeth Guinn, is with her loved ones , protected by God, in his arms of comfort and she is protected now. Laurie Jamison, M.Terry Campbell and Sheila Guinn, can never hurt, abuse, torture, or torment June Guinn again. May God do unto them, as they did unto June Elizabeth Guinn. They can never deny her water, or food again either, resulting in her ” EXTREME DEHYDRATION AND ALL AS SHE HAD KIDNEY INJURIES. ”

    June Elizabeth Guinn 88 years old, NOW, has the FREEDOM THAT SHE WANTED FROM THEM. God Bless you always, June Elizabeth Guinn, Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother and Great-great-grandmother, Aunt and Friend to many, all over the country.

    We all say thank you so much, for reading this, posting this and please, may we ask, that you light a candle and say a prayer for our Loving June Elizabeth Guinn .God Bless You.

    Respectfully Submitted and the above is all truthful:

    Lynda Lucido and Cheryl Morris / Daughters to June E. Guinn
    Family and friends of June E. Guinn
    Concerned Citizens Against Elder Abuse A. C. L
    Stop Family Court Corruption.

  4. candy douglas on said:

    Birgit Fladager turns her back on domestic violence, too…….she ignored Bill and Michael Kalanta murdering my sister….wouldn’t it be obvious if two wives mysteriously died while married to him?….and his alias son, Michael, with him when she died?….I’ve asked Ms. Fladager for years to help this family with domestic violence cases and she ignores this issue, too…..

    • Lynda and Cheryle on said:

      Ms. Candy Douglas;
      We are so sorry to read about your loss of your sister. We all do fully understand your frustration, your devastation and your heartache.

      Make no mistake, there is a ” Chain of Corruption “, coming out of the Stanislaus Co. Family Law and Probate Dept. and criminal activities for years. As we have posted and will prove soon, even the corruption coming from the District Attorney’s office of Birgit Fladaget and the Court Investigator Family Law Manager, Sandy Lucas. Now in the Family Law Dept. , they will turn her backs on the abuse and the truth, to protect the crooks, abusers and corrupt do called Conservators – Guardians.

      So, your concerns and family deaths and even your sisters death, will never be heard. You have to go above them and Federally. A legal ” Change of Venue “, is a must too.

      Now, do not ever expect to get any help, respect, truth, investigations, nor justice ,,,, for any Stan. Co. Family Law – Probate corruption, criminal activities, if you ever legally reach out to the Stanislaus County Superior Court Director. Rebecca Fleming. She too, will never lift a finger to ever help the victims.

      We pleaded with her in certified letters, hand delivered files and emails to please send other officials to investigate the abuse of our Mother , June Elizabeth Guinn, for years by M.Terry Campbell, Laurie Jean Jamison and Sheila Guinn.

      We sent the picture of June Guinn, taken by the Court Investigator Manager, Sandy Lucas on 03-05-2012. We had been desperately trying to find Mom ( June E. Guinn ) for years. So Sandy Lucas took a picture of Mom, sitting in a wheelchair, with a broken right arm and hand, as Mom held the Modesto Bee Newspaper,,, ” to prove to family, Concerned Citizens and others, that June E. Guinn WAS ALIVE.” !!

      Now, this picture and the unethical actions of the Court Inv. Man. Sandy Lucas was cruel, inhumane and ” JUST WHAT A TERRORIST WOULD DO, WHEN THEY KIDNAPPED A VICTIM, HOLDING THEM FOR A RANSOM ETC.”

      Yet, even with this, the other corrupt issues and we family members pleading with Rebecca Fleming to intervene and TO SAVE JUNE E. GUINNS LIFE,,, was ignored, refused and June E. Guinn died brutally and with broken bones etc.


      We also requested to the Diector, Rebecca Fleming to forward all of our emails to her – to the District Attorney, Birgit Fladager. ( We requested this, to make sure, that our requests were received etc. Most times, the Certified Mailings to them are lost, ignored and or hidden.) So, as it is, ” did Rebecca Rebecca Fleming send the documents to the Diistrict Attorney, Birgit Fladager and all intact, with the TERRORIST PICTURE FROM C.I.M., Sandy Lucas ????

      Also, to prove just how biased even the Director Rebecca Fleming is,,,, we and others, have just come across, unethical- secretly filed, without any of us family being sent the documents, one of our emails and her ” highly, unethical and BIASED REMARKS AND TRYING TO HELP LAURE JEAN JAMISON , M.TERRY CAMPBELL AND THE ATTORNEY, ANTHONY JOHNSTON. ALONG WITH OUR COMPLAINTS AGAINST THE STANISLAUS COUNTY PROBATE EXAMINER, MARGARET ANN MIDDLETON, ETC. ETC.

      If they are on the up and up with the truth, then WHY would they refuse to send us the documents and why would they want to file them in SECRECY AND NO FAMILY MEMBER TO KNOW ABOUT THEM ??? TO BE SEALED.

      The truth and facts are, June E. Guinn DIED AS THEY REFUSED TO HELP SAVE HER, FROM THEIR FRIENDS.

      By the way, the above is now public information, even though they tried to file secretly, in ” Sealed documents and so the family would never read, know about etc., as there are 400 pages that they illegally did not send us, ” with the Proof of Services etc.” The Judge Loretta Begen, REFUSED TO LET THEM SEAL AND HIDE THE EXTRINSIC ACCOUNTINGS, INVENTORIES ETC. and we were shocked at this !

      Athough the accountings and corrupt billings and inventories submitted by Laurie Jean Jamison and M. Terry Campbell , WAS RUBBER-STAMPED AND GRANTED ETC. The request to seal, hide and file in secrecy was denied, by Judge Loretta Began,,, this is a shocking huge step on Judge Begen’s part. You see, since 06-2008, every extrinsic and fraudulent issue put before, on our case #’s 388509 and 387352 has been approved of. Via, the Probate Examiner, Margaret Ann Middleton. All for M. Terry Campbell and Laurie Jean Jamison.

      They have had up to 70 open and active cases at1 time. Togetheranf separately as they are mother, daughter and Professional Fiduciary business partners. MANY OPEN CASES TOO , ” WHEN THEY WERE NOT EVEN LEGALLY STATE LICENSED. ” !!

      The court clerks, the court investigator, Sandy Lucas, the Probate Examiner, Margaret Ann Middleton, the Judge Begen, The State Offices etc. , were all notified. Yet they did nothing and allowed them to continue, in billings, court hearings, estates etc. and without being licensed. Making many of the cases etc. , legally- very invalid, including their billings for their unlicensed, hourly rates, to the victims and estates,,, ” AS STATE LICENSED PROFESSIONAL FIDUCIARIES.” EVERY VICTIM SHOULD SUE THEM, THE CITY, THE COUNTY AND THE STATE FOR THESE FACTS ALONE. ( We have boxes of files of every case of theres and for many years.)




      Perhaps Judge Loretta Began, is realizing that she has been lied to and even by the Probate Examiner Margaret Ann Middleton, as every illegal charge and embezzlent of the June Elizabeth Guinn Family Trust is approved of by ” M.A.M.- OK. ” and then submitted to the Judge Loretta Begen.

      By the way, the Last Living Will of June E. Guinn, was submitted to the Probate Examiner, Margaret Ann Middleton, by Fax and Ceritified mailing and in a Timely Manner, after June E. Guinn died questionably and abused, on 06-23-2014. The LIVING TRUST OF JUNE E. GUINN, was lost, hidden, ignored and as their corrupt illegal pattern, the WILL HAS BEEN REFUSED AND NEVER FILED. WE HAVE BEEN REFUSED EVEN THE COURT DOCUMENTS, COURT DECISION, MINUTE REPORTS ETC., FOR EVEN THE LAST 2 CORRUPT, UNETHICAL AND BIASED HEARINGS, ON 02-26-2015 AND 07-06-2015.

      Again all of our filings, concerns, special notices and objections were denied and refused.

      So again, even in life and death, our beloved JUNE ELIZABETH GUINN, HAS BEEN REFUSED HER WISHES AND DISRESPECTED.

      So, Ms. Candy, perhaps the above information will let you know that the corruption in Stanislaus Co., is RAMPANT.


      Wishing you well and May God Bless you, your family and all of the victims. We are all to prevail with the truth.

      • Candy Douglas on said:

        One of the most corrupt lawyers in Modesto is the murderous Michael Kalanta…..supported by his corrupt murderous stepdad, Bill Kalanta….. Michael knows how to file papers illegally to get what he wants “passed through” and what papers he doesn’t want to go through….. I can prove this…..How do we expose this county nationally?

      • Lynda Lucido and Cheryle Morris on said:

        Ms Candy;

        Of course as you know with this , the crooks, the crooked and corrupt lawyers get all that they want, no matter how illegal and corrupt it is. !!

        The victims, the families are disrespected, lied to, played games with, treated like dogs and you will be stopped with filing documents, objections, special notices and so forth. You,,,, and your family and many, many families will lose. All preplanned, carried out , from dept. to dept. and the corruption grows etc. and victims die.

        Now,,,,, you have been very open minded and observant. We believe that you know the truth too and your dedication, strong will and love for your sister grows each day. As it is, you can not stop fighting for the truth and justice for your sister and family. This is great, do not stop, nor ever up. Justice will prevail. The crooks in the end are caught.

        Also, we have tried to find your case and perhaps know of it. We are so sorry again for your loss.

        Now,,, keep in mind, that the Stanislaus Co. Superior Courts has a huge ” CHAIN OF CORRUPTION ” and for many, many years. Remember that the crooked and corrupt lawyers, Conservators, Guardians and so forth, could NOT – file, hide, alter, have documents okayed illegally etc. etc. , “WITHOUT THE PAID OFF HELP OF THE COURT CLERKS, PROBATE AND FAMILY LAW COURT EXAMINER AND COURT OFFICIALS ETC. ” The crooks can do anything that they want to do !

        Who would listen to us victims ? Birgit Fladager ? Rebecca Fleming ? Sandy Lucas ? The Judges that see ” only what the crookd want them too see ? Ha Ha . They too are the problems.

        Now, to your question. Yes, we are going national and armed with ruthless law firms, ” OUT OF STANISLAUS CO. – MODESTO CALIF.”

        We all need to get in touch with each other. Perhaps we can help you too. There is no justice in Modesto Calif. for the victims.

        Also, the TERRORIST picture of the victim June Elizabeth Guinn and taken by the Stan. Ct. Investigator Manager, Sandy Lucas on her cell phone, is about to hit the papers, radio stations, TV. etc.You see, June Guinn was missing at this time from family too. The picture was taken as June Guinn’s right arm and hand was broken. June had been DENIED ANY MEDICAL ATTENTION MONTHS BEFORE AND JUNE GUINN’S RIGHT ARM AND HAND WAS USELESS AND WITHERING.


        So. Candy, if you ever had a ” Court Investigator check on your sister’s death etc.” , then you now know that this department, is the worst where the blatant, sick, biased corruption originates from.

        In your case, you will find the patterns, dept.’s names etc

        You do have every document in the Case Index Files of your case in hand, copied and every detail memorized etc.? If not, then immediately have the complete file copied, ASAP. .


        Get in contact with us as soon as you can. Good luck God Bless.

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