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Birgit Fladager’s Response to a Public Record Request

By Emerson Drake  ladyjustice

On May 6, 2014 we attended the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors (BoS) meeting and witnessed a strange occurrence during the public comment portion.  Modest’s former Mayor  Carmen Sabatino had just finished making some interesting points regarding the D.A.’s office and investigators.  In recent weeks he has been vocal in his objections regarding the DA.’s 25 wire taps and the ensuing 25,000 intercepts in 2012 and the expense involved.  Most of his time this week was involving an interrogation  in Turlock of a 13 year old girl and alleged misconduct by two D.A. investigators Kurt Bunch and Steve Jacobs. these can be heard at 9:30 seconds into the meeting.  Sixteen minutes into the meeting Birgit Fladager interrupts the meeting by rushing the podium out of turn to attack Carmen  Sabatino and her opponent Frank Carson.

Mayor Sabatino’s earlier allegations and Birgit Fladager’s out of control behavior  involving the wire taps and her investigators  intrigued us.

Recently we made three Public Record Requests from District Attorney  Birgit Fladager.

We requested the number of requests by year 2011, 2012, 2013.  We requested any documents regarding which agencies made the wire tap requests.  And finally we requested documents which would indicate if any of her investigators were working for the agencies when the requests were made. We also made it very clear we weren’t interested interfering with any investigations just who made the requests.

Here is the official response from the D.A.’s office.

Mr. Drake,

I am informed that the District Attorney's office has no documents
containing the information you described in your May 12 request.  The
records containing the information you seek are court records that are
in each case sealed by order of the judge.

Ms. Fladager has informed me that she happens to know herself that in
2012 there were 4 intercepts by MPD on homicide cases that resulted in
arrests in 3 of those cases (the fourth involved the deaths of Deputy
Paris and Glendon Engert and the suspect committed suicide); there were
two intercepts by the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency that resulted
in arrests (one case was prosecuted federally and the other case by
Merced County); and there was an intercept on a Sheriff's Office
homicide case that has resulted in one arrest.

If you have additional questions please let me know.

Thomas E. Boze
Deputy County Counsel
Stanislaus County Counsel
1010 Tenth Street, Suite 6400
Modesto, California 95354-0882


Now I don’t know about you, but for the District Attorney to claim she has not ONE single piece of paper tracking over 25 wire tape requests she made in 2012 alone, we find to be not only extremely questionable, but likely disingenuous in the context of her upcoming reelection bid, especially if you take into consideration how few wire tape requests (3 – 5) other counties have made.  According to her she doesn’t have the ability to show how many requests were made in any single year.  Is this any way to run an office?  Or is it just another way to hide from the public excesses by government agencies and/or potentially corrupt individuals with the help of her office?



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5 thoughts on “Birgit Fladager’s Response to a Public Record Request

  1. S. Hansen on said:

    District Attorney Birgit Fladager has failed Stanislaus County. Birgit Fladager is out of touch with the people in this county. She walks around with a security detail, to campaign functions & charges $2,500 a plate fund raising dinner so the affluent 1% of this county can suck up to her. (which they are most likely looking for favors from her; such as turning a blind eye to illegal conduct of the 1%ers in return for their “donation”) She signed off on a deal for affluent politically connected Rod Olsen; who man handled a little boy; so he could walk out of court with a “wink of the eye” and a “slap on the wrist.” She cut a deal with child molester Alfred “Chip” Huskey, who admitted having sex with the daughter of his ex-wife, to not have to register as a sex offender (& guess what he offended again). She has used her office to bully Judges who’s rulings she does not like. Most common working class folks within our community have lost confidence in the District Attorney’s office because of Birgit Fladager’s leadership or rather lack of leadership.

    We must all vote for Frank Carson for the office of District Attorney in Stanislaus County!

    Let’s put an end to good ol’ boy cronyism in Stanislaus County.

  2. S. Hansen on said:

    There are many claims that Mr. Frank Carson has made that should be looked into .

    We are hearing allegations of a DA investigators using seized vehicles to tow their personal boat to the lake when off duty while those whose property has been seized are still going through the system and have not been officially convicted of a crime. We have heard about a DA investigator that assaulted Frank Carson in the court house and even had his weapon taken away yet DA Fladager refused to press assault charges. We have heard of a DA investigator giving a local drug dealer weapons and then tipping off the drug dealer when the Feds were about to make a raid; with DA Fladager stonewalling the Federal criminal prosecution of her DA investigator trying to sweep it under the rug so not to have her office look corrupt and dysfuntional as it is.

  3. S. Hansen on said:

    Keep up the good investigative reporting Mr. Drake. I find these wire taps and the ensuing 25,000 intercepts very disturbing; especially since there were no convictions. Is this a case of “Big Brother” or rather “Big Sister on heels” gone rogue.

    DA Fladager stated, “less serious criminal activity doesn’t meet the criteria needed to obtain a wiretapping order…”

    So what falls into this category; wiretapping political foes? Sounds like J Edgar Hoover on high heels.

    I find it interesting Mr. Carson’s law office was broken into right after he announced his candidacy. Was there an illegal wiretap / bug someone had to remove?

    • doug on said:

      Da fladager has never once spoke to the family who believe based on substantial facts their loved one poisoned in over five years! Our justice system is a shame to the taxpayers and citizens of the world. Fladager has done nothing to help arrest the wife batterer, yet when she ran for office she said she would fight for battered women. The da has far too much power. In Europe this would never have been. Is that why we have 2.2 million behind bars? Does this Fladager really exist? We the family have never been allowed to talk to her. Aren’t public officials required to talk to the people contingent on being elected? We are in shock and outraged by her inaction.

      • Lynda Lucido and Cheryle Morris on said:


        As all of you can read from the Modesto Bee on 08-07-2015, there is another crooked and corrupt, unethical, embezzling lawyer, that has finally been arrested. This is the ” good old crooked lawyer boy, from the protected group, of criminal lawyers and they all embezzle and get away with the years of corruption the same way,,,, ”


        Do not ever forget, or lose sight of the facts. Many families have had their estates embezzled and family members died, from the corruption of THESE FAT BOY EMBEZZLING LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS ETC. ” Many families have filed many complaints for many years ” against a ” GROUP OF CORRUPT LAWYERS AND 3 CONSERVATORS AND FOR YEARS. ”

        Of course there was nothing done the complaints laughed at, ignored, hidden, refused and the Stanislaus Co. Family Law and Probate Dept. and the District Attorney, Birgit Fladager and the Superior Court Director, Rebecca Fleming, allows the criminal activities, the corruption and blatant court misconduct to continue for many years.

        You see, the crooked and corrupt lawyers, vould not accomplish so much embezzlement etc. , ” WITHOUT THE HELP AND THE PARTICIPATION OF THE CORRUPT CHAIN OF COMMAND, FAMILY LAW – PROBATE DEPT. WEB OF WOMEN, USING THEIR JOB TITLES. ” PERIOD.

        We are so happy that at least one corrupt lawyer has been caught and we are praying that the other crooked lawyers begin to fall and hard !!! From the # 1 FAT BOY CHEIF TRIBAL COUNSEL MEMBER ,, TO THE YOUNG PRETTY BOY CROOK.

        Including the corrupt lawyers that got their Bar Ass. License ,,,, in 2006. You know, the young lawyers, corrupt from the ” starting gate and then moves from corrupt law firms, to law firms each year and leaving HUGE PAPER TRAILS OF FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, REAL ESTATE FRAUD ETC. AND THE VICTIMS ESTATES HAVE TO PAY, FOR THESE CORRUPT LAWYERS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. ”

        Soon, the most corrupt cases and deaths law suits, will be all over the media. Stanislaus Co. must be cleaned up and starting from the corrupt top.

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