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Does a Local Candidate’s Support of a National Candidate Effect June’s Outcome

By Emerson Drake  stanislauslogo

We avoid national politics here but this has a potential local twist that might prove interesting.
In Sacramento, Teamsters Joint Council 7  is reversing itself and taking back their endorsement of Republican candidate Scott Jones for Sacramento’s 7th Congressional District. Up until now the union’s support is self interest.  Jones’ opponent Rep. Ali Bera supported giving President Obama fast track trade authority.  The problem the Teamsters have is the candidate’s support of Donald Trump. They feel Trumps’ campaign  decisions don’t align with their views.
Be that as it may, the question here is, will County Board Supervisor Jim DeMartini, who is up for re-election and is the head of the Republican Party here in Stanislaus County, be effected by his inevitable support of the eventual candidate for President, Donald Trump?   After all Patterson’s Latino Mayor Luis Molina is running against DeMartini, as is Eileen Wyatt Stokman.
Nobody including the Modesto Bee, seems to want to broach this topic. Maybe because DeMartini might get elected in June BEFORE the Trump issue is front and center? We think we need to take a look at people’s thinking now before the June elections.

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2 thoughts on “Does a Local Candidate’s Support of a National Candidate Effect June’s Outcome

  1. Yep, you’re right, this election will prove interesting. Speaking of unions not supporting Republican’s, have you forgotten how Bill Clinton passed NAFTA permitting companies with union labor to depart the U.S.A. for countries offering cheaper labor to effect a better bottom line. Yep, Democratic Billy boy screwed this country and union labor big time. And this article suggests that Republicans are against labor? And, what about our Democratic president Hussein Obama allows (and by doing so he breaks the law) illegal aliens to enter this country carte blanch and gives them all the welfare benefits PLUS our precious Social Security that hard working Americans payed for! So, who’s the bad guy here? Trump and his attitude?Or hillary who dumped our ambassador and the Seals who tried to protect him, or the “private email serverGate” that she has continually lied about, plus Donald’s wife looks a heck of a lot better than hillary on her best day.

  2. This is why we stay away from national politics. Your comments are nonsensical. The whole point of the article was showing that a Union supporting Trump shied away from him after his remarks and how that might effect our local elections since DeMartini is the head of the local Republican party and is running for reelection.

    Next time you choose to comment please address the issue of the conversation or this will be your last comment.

    Thank you.

    Emerson Drake

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