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Birgit Fladager – Guilty of Malfeasance?

By Emerson Drake  birgitfladager
December isn’t a good month for District Attorney. Birgit Fladager. On December 10, 2014, A.J. Pontillo was found innocent of all charges. During the trial Birgit was caught withholding exculpatory evidence that showed he was innocent.  Yes she KNEW he was innocent but hid the evidence from the court.
Now in the Frank Carson case one of her Deputy D.A.’s had to admit they hadn’t delivered all of the discovery evidence they should have. First Birgit is papering judges (punitive judge shopping) that don’t give her the rulings she wants, then her trumped up charges against A.J. go by the wayside and now she’s been caught again with her hand in the cookie jar.  Where is she now? She’s hiding out of town with family, unwilling to face the camera’s and explain why her office is incompetent and vindictive.
Here is his quote: Deputy District Attorney John Goold, spokesman for the DA’s Office, issued a statement Thursday afternoon that read in part: “While auditing discovery in this case, one of our investigators located some audio recordings that may or may not have been provided within the previous 1,000 disks discovered to the defense. There was no time to confirm whether these recordings had been previously disclosed or not. Out of an abundance of caution, we raised that concern with the court this morning and copies were provided to defense counsel.
Yesterday the judge released Frank on his own recognizance.
It’s becoming more readily apparent that Birgit Fladager is out of control and is using her office to punish her “enemies”. After all Frank ran against her for office. We think we elected the wrong person to be D.A.

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4 thoughts on “Birgit Fladager – Guilty of Malfeasance?

  1. Tracker on said:

    Fladdy very corrupt indeed. How do these criminals get in office? Giving sole power to one person to file or not file charges opens the door to corruption. Go America!

  2. Tracker on said:

    Was it suicide Fladdy? Or maybe an accident? Or was it a homicide? Huh Flad? Your office says suicide but suspects testified it was an accident and sworn to be the truth by two MPD homicide investigators, quite contrary to the coroner’s report which clearly states it was neither. She was the second wife found dead in the batteries home on divorce day. Are you there Fladdy? You have ignored the victims friends and family since this happened and you have never once let us talk to you. Why are you hiding from us? Is it because a suspect is a local attorney? Part of your fold?

  3. Christine Botzenhardt on said:

    In reference to the comments below: I am the Deceased Victims Sister! Not One time would Fladager get on the phone with me. I truly believed “with all of the evidence pointing to the One person responsible for my Sisters heartbeat ending” that a DA claiming “such experience” in Domestic Violence that Justice would be swift! To my horror I was wrong! She has ignored me, my evidence/All of the evidence and the batterer is roaming free in Modesto with Now 2 wives dead on his belt notch and this creep I dare say is a practicing Doctor in your community!!!! Motive, Method and Means all exist now my Sister is gone forever! What if She were your Sister Bridget? Your Loved one? Would you listen to All of the Evidence and charge him then? Who will his next victim be! In my Opinion Your whole Office and those you gather with around your tables are Corrupt!!

    • Jack Fahy on said:

      I felt sorry to all victims families and friends who lost their loved ones. I could tell why there’s a one star rating at the DA office. We need John Mayne, he listens to the victims, allows people to bring evidence to the Office, and he’s very polite and helpful. I will help the voters and victims get Fladagar out of the office. Save Stanislaus County from corruption before it’s too late!!!

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