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The County’s Response to Seven Questions Regarding the Salida Annexation

By Emerson Drake

Following the Hammett Road Interchange  meeting held on 7/31/12 between county residents, StanCOG, and County officials, seven questions had been brought up or came to mind  regarding the possible annexation of Salida California. Supervisor Terry Withrow was extremely helpful in getting these questions answered, since several of them are not just looking for documents but explanations of legal positions.  I wish to thank Supervisor Withrow, County CEO Monica Nino and all of the people involved in answering this extensive request.

Now obviously these aren’t the only questions but I thought these might be a good place to start.  Ground zero so to speak.  Here are the question made to the County Board:

1. Is it possible for Salida to have a referendum and vote to refute the County Boards’ Salida Now land use vote from 2007?

2. Are Salida citizens guaranteed by law a vote in any annexation attempt by Modesto?

3. How much is left in the account the County says developers contributed to in order to push the Hammett Road Interchange?

4. Exactly how many years are remaining from the Salida Now vote regarding land use designations?

5. Exactly how many years will remain on Salida Now land use rules if Modesto annexes them?

6. Will Modesto citizens get to vote on annexing Salida?

7. For the sake of openness, exactly which companies and their owners  were the land use guarantees made to?

The following pdf is the County’s response.



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