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Banks, $100 Bills, and You

By Emerson Drake

If you’ve gone to the bank recently to transact business, you probably heard the tellers ask “will hundreds do?”, or something to that effect.

 It sounds a lot like; “do you want fries with that?”  Doesn’t it? 

 Like all businesses, banks have done time studies which showed them if you pass out hundreds instead of twenties, the line moves a little faster.

Seems innocent enough, but it also means they can employ fewer tellers.  But what are the other ramifications?

Small businesses try to hold down the amount of cash in their registers so as not to be an inviting target for thieves.  Much theft is a crime of opportunity.  Seeing lots of cash in a register invites theft.  The closer we get to Christmas time the more noticeable it will be, but it holds true year round.

Regular customers can tell you if a cashier hides $20 under the cash drawer or under the counter, and if they know, so does the thief. 

So help bank tellers keep their jobs and assist business owners from appearing as easy targets.  When they ask if hundreds will do, just say “no thanks.”

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