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Is President Obama A Communist?

By EOM Staff

If you’ve been watching the news the last couple of days, you might be surprised to find out that our president is a communist/socialist/marxist.  This is because he is using the word “Forward” as his new campaign slogan.  You might wonder why this word makes him a communist.  It’s because (according to the far-right pundits) Chairman Mao once used the slogan “A Great Leap Forward.”  Apparently, that means any future use of the word forward indicates communism.

I wonder how the fine citizens of Wisconsin feel about being communists.  Their state motto is “Forward”.  It’s printed on their state quarter.  It’s on their state flag.  It’s been there since 1848 when they joined the Union.  Those poor people!  They didn’t realize they were communists!

Then there’s Richard Nixon.  You remember him, right?  Tricky Dick, Watergate…a fine example of a Republican.  When he was running for president in 1968, his campaign slogan was “Forward Together”.   We all failed to understand that we actually elected a communist president in 1968!

The right-wing pundits are saying that use of the word forward is a “secret signal” of President Obama’s intention to turn America into a communist country.

May I suggest that we all think for ourselves and don’t drink the kool-aid the far right is pouring?

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