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What Do You Want Your Elected Representatives To Be Working On?

By EOM Contributor

We have so many important issues facing this country right now…what do you believe your politicians should be concentrating on?

What comes to my mind first is access to health care, including birth control.  Access to affordable birth control reduces the number of abortions performed and we can all agree that is a good thing.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has many important parts.  First of all, being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition!  The ACA prevents insurers from charging women more for insurance than men.  In some states, women were actually paying up to 70% more for insurance coverage than men.  The ACA prevents insurers from denying coverage for a pre-existing condition (diabetes, high blood pressure…).  The ACA also prevents insurers from dropping your coverage if you are diagnosed with a condition such as diabetes or cancer.  These are all good things.  There may be some kinks to work out, but the ACA is a valiant attempt to provide millions of Americans with access to health care.

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

What has Congress done since President Obama was re-elected?  They have voted 37 TIMES TO REPEAL OBAMACARE!  37 times at a cost of $50 million dollars!  Money well-spent, wouldn’t you agree?  Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result.  Yes, our elected representatives are officially insane!

Other issues that need our attention are job creation, tax parity,  immigration reform, equal pay for equal work,  the on-going violence against women in our society (and our military where our female soldiers need not fear being raped by the enemy, but do need to fear being raped by their fellow soldiers and commanding officers), and discrimination in housing and the workplace (women can be fired and evicted for being victims of domestic violence, and gays can be fired for being gay),  and investment in our infrastructure (repairs of bridges and roads which would make travel safer and create jobs), just to name a few.

But what have they actually done?  Well, I’ve mentioned the 37 failed votes to repeal the ACA.  In addition to that, state by state women are losing their rights to determine what will happen with their own bodies (male politicians believing they know more about our health than women and physicians do).   The House just approved a bill that would eliminate overtime pay.  Republicans want to raise the student loan interest rate to 8.5%, more than Wall Street Banks pay.  Now what would be the effect of these things?  Students graduating from college will be saddled with even greater debt.  I don’t see how that helps us.  Women facing an unplanned pregnancy will be forced to have children they can’t afford to care for.  Employees working more than 40 hours a week will get compensatory time, but at a rate of one hour to one hour, instead of pay at a rate of time and one half.  Most people work overtime for the pay, not for more time off.  I’m not seeing how that will help low-income families or anyone, for that matter.

Contact your elected representatives.  Tell them to stop passing bills that only harm us and do something that actually helps us!  And stop focusing on the reproductive lives of women!  

Are Working Moms causing the destruction of America?

By EOM Contributor

A study was recently released that shows 4 out of 10 women are either the primary or sole provider for families with

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

children.  Part of this is due to loss of jobs for men and part is due to the fact that some men abandon their families. The reaction of the far right conservatives is something to behold.

Women started entering the work force in massive numbers in the 1970s.  Since then, due to reliable and available birth control (another thing right-wingers criticize us for, but that’s another story) women have gone on to college, received advanced degrees and had good careers.  At this point in time, more women are going to college than men, which means they will have better jobs and be able to support their families.

Here is the reaction of two male newscasters from Fox News (interestingly, the first report on Fox news was an all-male panel, similar to the all-male Congressional panel to discuss birth control)  said Erik Erickson: “When you look at the natural world, the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role…we have lost the ability to have complimentary relationships in nuclear families”, and apocalyptic tantrum throwing “We are watching society dissolve around us!” warned Lou Dobbs.   http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45755884/vp/52062608/#52062608



The Queen Bee is dominant over the worker bees, the Black Widow kills the male after mating, in many other species (including humans), the male does his part to create offspring and then wanders away, having nothing to do with raising the young.  And yet it’s the “single” mothers who are criticized for caring for their children.

Society is dissolving around us because women are working to support their families?  These men don’t seem to understand the alternative:  more women and children living on welfare.  And if that happened these same men would be complaining about it.  Conservatives talk about “family values” but then insult women who try to give their families a better life.

Some women work purely for financial reasons.  Some women work because they want to.  Whatever their reason, these right-wing conservatives have no right to criticize the choices that women make for themselves and their families. There is no indication that women working will cause the destruction of America or American families.  Studies have shown that children of working mothers are just as successful in life as children of stay at home mothers.

So if you are a woman with children, what should you do?  Go out and earn a living so your children have a roof over their heads and food on the table?  Or live on welfare at taxpayers’ expense?  Because in the minds of some of these men, you are a villain either way.  Make your own choice.  Decide what is best for you and your family.  And don’t listen to these misogynistic men who seem to think you are the cause of America’s decline.  You are what makes America strong.

What’s on America’s Mind Wednesday Night 6:30 PM

Topics include a local straw poll about gun sale  background checks, is Graffiti an art form?,  round II for Modesto’s General


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Radio RED 104.9 FM (Photo credit: Mahdi Ayat.)


Plan Amendment meetings, what it means to Salida and those attempting to mislead the public and the Planning Commission,  Community Forum for residents comments Thursday April 18th 5-7 PM,  how you can create public opinion using ratepayers money, Campaign donation laws, these and more so tune in at 7:00 PM Wednesday and find out the things you really  need to know.


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What’s on America’s Mind Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Topics include Salida Annexation, Salida Ad Hoc Committee, the Salida MAC meeting, the General Plan Amendment for


Radio RED 104.9 FM

Radio RED 104.9 FM (Photo credit: Mahdi Ayat.)


Modesto, Modesto’s Ag mitigation policy decision, Campaign Donation limits, Safety worker overtime, Golfing locally, these and more so tune in at 6:30 PM Wednesday and find out the things you really  need to know.


104.9 FM Modesto our Flag Ship station


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To listen live or at your leisure from our archives:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/centralvalleyhornet/2013/03/28/whats-on-americas-mind-with-emerson-drake


Why Are Men So Silent?

EOM Contributor

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was first passed in 1994.  Since then it has reduced the rate of domestic violence by 58%.  This has saved countless lives.  It is up for re-authorization now and has been revised to provide protection for Native America women, gays and lesbians (yes, the act actually protects men against domestic violence, too), mail order brides and illegal immigrants.  The Republicans are refusing to approve re-authorization of the act.  Apparently, the four groups of people mentioned above aren’t worth protecting.

The Republicans are also fighting any discussion of reasonable gun control.  They, along with the NRA, are trying to make you believe that all guns will be removed from your possession.  President Obama has outlined 24 proposals to reduce gun violence.  None of them involve taking away your guns.  Many people believe we need even more guns to prevent a tyrannical take-over by our military, pushed by our own government.  There are 330 million Americans.  There are approximately 310 firearms in this country.  Do you really believe we don’t already have the firepower to stand-up and defend ourselves?

Yesterday we learned that a hero of last year’s London Olympics has been charged with premeditated murder in his hometown of Pretoria, South Africa.   Oscar Pistorius, also known as “Blade Runner”, was the winner of a silver medal.  Oscar shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steemkamp, four times.  He claimed he believed she was an intruder.  Police report that there had been a history of domestic violence between Oscar and Reeva.   Statistics show that a victim of domestic violence is eight times more likely to die if there is a gun in the home.   64% of the women who are murdered each year, die at the hands of a family member or intimate partner.  In most of these murders there is a history of police reports and trips to the ER, yet even then guns are not removed from the home.  Having a gun in your home significantly increases your risk of death and that of your spouse and children.  If you have a gun, everybody in your home is more likely than your non-gun-owing neighbors and their families to die in a gun related accident, suicide or homicide.

In the two months since the Sandy Hook shooting, there have been over 1000 deaths by gunshot in America.  When will we stop the madness?

With all the news media discussing gun control, violence and other issues that concern women (reproductive rights), I find little discussion locally.  I work in the hospitality field and have the opportunity to talk to many people.  The women I’ve spoken to are vocal in their support for reasonable gun control and reproductive rights, the need to reduce violence in this country and particularly violence against women.  The men are strangely silent, other than to say they refuse to give up their guns.  Do they not have mothers, wives, sisters or daughters?  Do they not care that 1 of 3 American women will be the victim of a violent attack at some point in her life?  Are the men in your life talking about these issues, or are they just “women’s issues?”

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