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Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got



A very intelligent, articulate, church-going, family-loving young man.  Is that so terrible?

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7 thoughts on “Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got

  1. So what is this about ? is it about one child grown. How many lesbians are raising children how about some stats. Good for the young man, not for sure what you’re getting at here. I thought you said homosexuality was a natural thing so what does this have to do with anything?

    Here is one comment from this story.

    Patrick Johnston Collapse
    People that disapprove of the state allowing same sex parents don’t do it because they’re homophobic. They do it because they care about kids. Consider:
    * The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 1992, documents that half of the sexually-molested children were molested by homosexuals.
    * Archives of Sexual Behavior, 2001: 46% of male homosexuals and 22% of lesbians reported homosexual molestation in childhood
    * Children of homosexual parents have a 50-fold increased risk of suffering incest from parent
    * Homosexuals account for 150 boy victims per sex abuser compared to 19 female victims per heterosexual child abuser
    * In the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 86% of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.
    Putting children in the homes of sodomites is child abuse.

  2. Gaetana on said:

    In many cases of child sexual abuse, the gender of the child is irrelevant. A pedophile is attracted to children, regardless of their sex.Sexual orientation is normally thought of in terms of an adult’s sexual attraction to other adults, whether to members of the same gender, opposite gender or both genders. When we think of the term “lesbian” we normally visualize a women who has been sexually attracted to (or involved with) another woman. But there are adults who do not fit this definition. They may have never developed a sexual orientation towards other adults. Rather, they are primarily sexually attracted to children. Often, the gender of the child victim is immaterial. One researcher defines a “fixated child molesters” as any adult who is solely attracted to children. They also define the term “regressed child molester” as any adult who has developed a sexual orientation towards other adults, but is also attracted to children.

    One study involved 175 male adults who had been convicted in Massachusetts of child sexual assault. They found that none of them were homosexuals; all of them would fit the description of a fixated child molester. They were sexually attracted only to children and not to other adults. 2 Another researcher studied sexually abused children seen in a hospital. Only 2 perpetrators (less than 1% of the total) were homosexuals (i.e. were attracted to same-sex adults).


  3. Did any of these women bare that child? or was their experiment? So the story is about the lesbians and not the young man who is normal?

  4. Gaetana on said:

    A sperm donor was used and one of the mothers gave birth to this wonderful young man. It just shows that gay people can successfully raise children.

  5. That was your point? Okay yes they did hopefully, unless this kid becomes gay later on due to the environment he grew up in.

    That’s one kid out of how many hundreds that were lesbian experiments.

  6. Gaetana on said:

    They’re not experiments, they’re people. He won’t “become gay” later on. We are all born straight, bi or gay. We don’t become that way.

  7. John Duarte on said:

    Aren’t there enough children in truly dangerous homes of drug abuse and violence that a responsible parents sexual orientation is a distraction. If parents are gay, so what? Some kids get adopted out of crime infested neglectful homes into home of gay couples that care for them. I know some. They are clearly better off.

    Child abusers of all kinds should be harshly punished. They are seldom committed openly gay couples interested in raising children.

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