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Why We Need To Stand Up For Women Everywhere

A young woman in Afghanistan was raped by a male relative.  Because she “had sex outside of marriage”, she was sentenced to 12 years in prison.  She will be granted early release if she agrees to marry her rapist.  Most of the women jailed in Afghanistan are there because of “moral crimes”, such as sex outside of marriage (in many cases they were raped) and running away from their husbands.  It is not a crime to rape a woman in Afghanistan, but she becomes a criminal if she is raped.  Women in Afghanistan are not able to stand up for themselves, because they are imprisoned or killed when they do.  We have to stand up for them.



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One thought on “Why We Need To Stand Up For Women Everywhere

  1. You need to stand up against the radical Islamic religion also they are the ones who created these rules or laws not God. Islam was created from the moon worshipers of the Arabian desert with their Moon God Allati. Not even the same Christian God.

    Sorry for the women that was one of the reasons we were fighting in Afghanistan to bring rights to the oppressed, but now Obama has decided to stop progress just when we got the advantage he cuts our troops off from taking out the Taliban.

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