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By EOM Staff
I’ve heard many people opposed to gay marriage claim that allowing gays to marry would undermine the sanctity of marriage.  In order to better understand their opinion, I googled “the sanctity of marriage”.  This is what I found out.
Sanctity means “the quality of being holy”.  Sanctity of marriage means “treating marriage as the foundation of your family, honoring your marriage vows with all your heart and soul and proceeding as if divorce were not an option.”
So here are some religious and political leaders who are doing their best to undermine the sanctity of marriage, while preaching against the rights of gays:
Ted Haggard – paying male prostitutes for sex and using crystal meth.  He taught that homosexuality was an abomination and actively lobbied against gay rights.
Larry Craig, US Senator – arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in an airport bathroom.  Craig voted twice against adding the words “sexual orientation” to hate crimes law.  Craig also voted to give states the right to refuse to allow gay marriage – a right they already had, but he really, really wanted to prove he didn’t like gay people!
US Representative Mark Foley – sent sexually laced e-mails to teen-age boys.  Ironically, he was the Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.
Bob Allen –  member of the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Chairman of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign – offering an undercover cop $20 to allow Allen to perform oral sex on him in a bathroom in a public park.  He tried to explain this by saying he offered oral sex because the cop was a “burly black man and I didn’t want to become a statistic”.  Allen was one of 21 Forida legislatures to sign Governor Jeb Bush’s friend of the court brief supporting the state’s ban on gays adopting children.
Glenn Murphy Jr.- National Chairman of The Young Republicans – got a fellow Young Republican drunk and spent the night at his house.  The other young man woke up in the middle of the night to find Murphy giving him mouth-to-penis resuscitation.  After this incident, a 1998 sexual battery report came to light in which Murphy was alleged to have done the exact same thing to another young man.  Murphy often advised Republican candidates to use gay marriage as a wedge issue to paint their opponents as out of touch with traditional values.
Jimmy Swaggart – found two times in the company of prostitutes and confessed to an affair.  We all remember his “I Have Sinned” sermon, tears streaming down his face while asking for forgiveness.
Here are some others who undermine the sanctity of marriage:
Kim Kardashian – spent $10 million on her wedding, only to file for divorce 72 days later.
Sinead O’Conner – her latest marriage lasted 16 days.
Britney Spears – her marriage to a childhood friend lasted less than 60 hours.
Newt Gingrich – finally found his trophy wife on his third try!  He is now trying to say his first wife wanted to divorce him, but she is denying that.  She says the divorce was his idea, and she fought it.
The point is, the only people who can undermine the sanctity of marriage are the people in the marriage, so let’s give everyone a fair shot at it.

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