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The GOP Plan to Steal The Election

By EOM Staff

Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio have passed laws recently which RESTRICT VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVES!  They are not just attempting to disenfranchise voters, they are trying to prevent them from even registering to vote. 
Take Joy Leiberman of Missouri.  She is 80 years old and has been voting for 60 years.  She won’t be able to vote this year because her birth certificate DOES NOT LIST HER MIDDLE NAME!  Really?  Is it appropriate to prevent someone from voting because birth certificates from 80 years ago don’t contain all the information they do now?
Or Larry Butler, born in 1926 in South Carolina, when birth certificates were often not issued to blacks.  If Mr. Butler wants to vote in the presidential election this year, he will have to pay $150 to get the documents now required by South Carolina law.  Many people born in the 20s and 30s do not have birth certificates because they were delivered by mid-wives.  They simply do not have the documentation necessary for some of the new voting ID laws.
The Republicans know that if they can shave off 1% – 2% of the voting public, they can swing the election.  But what an under-handed, un-American way to win.

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