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Congratulations Mayor Garrad Marsh as a New Day Dawns

Tuesday’s City Council meeting was a breath of fresh air.  Mayor Ridenour bowed out gracefully and Mayor Marsh assumed his position confidently.  He immediately set about making a few of his wishes known. 


During the public comment portion of the meeting I asked the council to re-visitModesto’s TIN CUP ordinance and return campaign contribution limits to the prior levels.


In 2005Modesto, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, raised the level of contribution allowed to $3,000 over a 48 month period. I believe the levels should be returned to the prior level of $1,000. 


In recent conversations with Chamber of Commerce leadership it has been made known the Chamber would back this adjustment of contribution levels.


What many people are not aware of is Mayor Marsh was one of the Council members in 2005 who voted against the increase.  It is hoped with the Mayor’s backing and the Chamber’s stamp of approval this change could come about soon.


To see the request go to http://www.modestogov.com/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=421&doctype=AGENDA

 And fast forward to 52.30 minutes into the meeting.


After dispensing with the consent calendar, Miguel Dinoso asked the Council to ensure firefighters and police would have at least minimal training in Spanish in the Shakelford area..


He also spoke out about community concerns regarding the lack of parks in the neighborhood.  Mayor Marsh responded by saying, “”we need to fix that,” simple and to the point.


The new logo was on display at the meeting.  On the big screen it was side by side with the old logo for and the difference was striking.  I’ve never heard of a CEO deciding to move his company to a town based on a logo, but updating ours can’t hurt.


Mayor Marsh was adamant thatModesto’s motto of Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health remain.


We have a real opportunity to improve lifeModesto, let’s join arms and take a step forward together.


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One thought on “Congratulations Mayor Garrad Marsh as a New Day Dawns

  1. Put new colors on the old Modesto Logo and it will look new again…Marsh is appeasing the Common wealthy. He’s just polishing the worm ridden apple and nothing more, it’s the same thing all over again accept a different person delivering the message.

    MPD/MFD and all employees of the city random drug testing.
    No more breaks for the building developers.
    Ask Muratore and Swehla to resign immediately.

    He does those three things I will not see him as a shill which he is now.

    No new logo!

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