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Are Your Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters all “Sluts and Prostitutes”?

By EOM Staff

According to Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke is a “slut and a prostitute.”  Ms. Fluke is a University of Georgetown law student, who recently gave testimony about contraception.  Ms. Fluke was denied the opportunity to testify before the Congressional panel formed to discuss contraception, because it was deemed she was “unqualified.”  This determination was made, of course, by a man.  So, Ms. Fluke gave her testimony to an unofficial group of politicians, and Mr. Limbaugh jumped right into the fray.

Because Ms. Fluke thinks contraception is basic heath care for women, and feels that it should be covered by insurance, Mr. Limbaugh has declared that she is a “slut and a prostitute.”  He has also said that “she wants to be paid to have sex.”  I’m completely confused as to how he came to believe that.  He seems to think that she wants taxpayers to pay for contraception, when what she was requesting was that insurance cover contraception.  His next comment was that “if she wants us to pay for her birth control pills, we want something in return.  We want her to put the video of her having sex on the Internet so we can all enjoy it.”  Makes you wonder what kind of porn collection Mr. Limbaugh might have, doesn’t it?

And the great Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t have a clue how the pill works.  He has said for three days that Ms. Fluke and Georgetown coeds “are having SO MUCH SEX they can’t afford all their birth control pills.”  Here’s a biology lesson for you, Mr. Limbaugh – women on the pill take one pill each day of the month, whether they are going to have sex or not.  They don’t take one pill for each sexual experience.  If they are going to have sex fifty times in one day, they just take ONE PILL.  If they aren’t going to have sex that day, they still take a pill.

Now, some people don’t understand how expensive the pill is.  The average American woman spends 30 years trying to prevent pregnancy.  The pill is the most commonly used and most effective form of birth control.  Without insurance coverage, a woman would spend $67,000 over those 30 years, on birth control pills.  That’s a hugh expense that occurs month after month after month, when you are trying to feed and clothe your children, buy a home for them, or save for their college education.  Low-income women can go to Planned Parenthood for their birth control pills, but remember, the Republicans are trying to defund Plannd Parenthood.

Republicans are suggesting that insurance coverage should not include contraception.  Think about it….you pay a monthly premium for your medical insurance….your medical insurance coverage prescription drugs….birth control pills are prescription drugs.  What could possibly be wrong about expecting your insurance to cover your birth control?  After all, it is a basic health care need for women of reproductive age.  Insurances cover that little blue magic pill (Viagra) that men love so much.  See the lack of logic here?  Cover the pill that helps men function sexually, but don’t cover the pill that helps the women they have sex with prevent pregnancy.

Fortunately, Mr. Limbaugh is not in an elected position.  But it’s downright scary that men such as he are out there spouting their hatred of woman, and they don’t understand how the pill works.  By the way, Mr. Limbaugh recently married for the FOURTH time.  He is 59 years old.  His wife is half his age.  Which puts her right in the midst of her reproductive years.  Funny how Mr. Limbaugh is on his fourth marriage, but has no children.  Is he impotent?  Is he sterile?  Is that why he hates women so much?  Or have all of his wives been “SLUTS AND PROSTITUTES” who used birth control?

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney, who would like to be President, seems to have the same misunderstanding of how the pill works that Mr. Limbaugh has.  Mr. Romney has said that if he were President, he would sign an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, declaring a fertilized egg to be a person.  That would effectively eliminate hormonal birth control (IUDs and the pill) because they don’t prevent fertilization, they prevent the fertilized egg from implanting itself in the lining of the uterus.

At a recent speech, a young woman in the audience asked Mr. Romney if he believed a fertilized egg was a person.  He responded that he did.  She then asked why he was against birth control, and he said he wasn’t.  You can’t have it both ways, Mr. Romney.  Learn how birth control pills work before you go making executive decisions that affect approximately 62 MILLION AMERICAN WOMEN.  According to the Guttmacher Institute, that’s how many American women are in their reproductive years right now.

So, women of America…..do you feel like a slut and a prostitute because you have used contraception?  Mr. Limbaugh thinks you are.  And Mr. Romney, who would like to be your President, doesn’t have a clue how the pill works.  Scary, isn’t it?



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7 thoughts on “Are Your Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters all “Sluts and Prostitutes”?

  1. I don’t remember Romney saying that and he is the front runner in the GOP campaign…trying to kill two birds with one stone?. Let the blame lie with the one who is guilty and that would be Rush Limbaugh,. He was wrong for suggesting that and he apologized for it…though I think a hefty FCC fine would do him some good.

  2. Walmart and Target offer Birth Control pills for $9 per month putting 30 year cost at $3,240. Plant parenthood offers it free if you can’t afford it. That doesn’t seem like undue burden for a recreational activity.



    • Yes, you can purchase birth control pills at low cost at Walmart and Target. These are not necessarily the most effective or safest pills. The least expensive pills are seldom prescribed by doctors for a variety of reasons. Different pills have different levels of health risks. Pills are prescribed by doctors after knowing their patient’s health history and general overall condition. One pill doesn’t fit all. And sexual activity between married people is part of life. Remember, Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood, too.

      Pills are also prescribed for therapeutic reasons. To regulate menstrual cycles, relieve menstrual pain and to prevent growth of ovarian cysts, among other reasons, all to be determined by a physician, not the insurance company or the government.

  3. Charlie Lockett on said:

    I don’t think Mr Limbaugh really appologized for what he said. It isn’t just that he called this young lady a “slut and a prostitute” he completely misrepresented what she stated. If ou think he actually referred to her testimony then you should listen to what she said, there are absolutely no resemblence to what she said and what Mr. Limbaugh said she said.
    Mr. Romney failed to critisize Mr. Limbaugh’s remarks, something that would have been a major benifet to him had he done it.
    Charlie Lockett

  4. Romney doesn’t want to make waves, that is his weakness. Limbaugh is to whacked out to be taken seriously anymore.

  5. Lockett, you may want to check out kingpawntillo.com Robert Stanford’s Cornerstone blogging site.

    Weve been trying to find out if Joe McCarthy died last November…do you know?

  6. Charlie Lockett on said:

    I was told that Joe died, I was not given a date. I do regret not meeting him, I guess it shows we should not put things like that off for too long.

    I will check it out, I’m looking for a blog site. I’ve been out of things for a while now, too many other things going on, but I do need to voice my opinion now and then.

    Charlie Lockett

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