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Is MID Scaring New Businesses Away from Modesto

By Emerson Drake

One of our contributors sent these electricity rates to us as a comparison of what other communities pay.  The numbers may surprise you.

• Modesto Irrigation District — $134.53

• Pacific Gas & Electric — $133.92

 • San Diego Gas & Electric — $129.58

• Southern California Edison — $128.26

• Roseville Electric — $106.43

• L.A. Dept. of Water & Power — $100.68

• Sacramento Municipal Utility District — $91.80

• Turlock Irrigation District — $91.17

Now we know why businesses are looking in another direction.  And we know why families are moving out of Modesto.


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One thought on “Is MID Scaring New Businesses Away from Modesto

  1. The difference between MID and TID is over $40 dollars. MID needs to be investigated, it is really hard to shake the suspicion that someone or some people are getting payola or laundering through fake companies. Too much money coming in and no real discounts for the customers/owners.

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