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The Bee’s Drones Wave Their Stingers in a Blind Defense

By Emerson Drake

The MID Board in their great wisdom allow 125 defects( which is requiring walls to be torn down and storage pools to be rebuilt, even the wrong type of concrete was used) in the new water treatment plant which could end up costing citizens and ratepayers MILLIONS of dollars and now they’re selling us a bill of goods about wanting to sell water to San Francisco instead of investing it in Stanislaus County and our citizens.

The thinking public had hoped with Mark Vasch’s imminent departure, the Editorial Staff would stop their blind devotion to members on the MID board that they foolishly endorsed.  The Editorial Staff’s slavish behavior is surpassed only by Tom Van Groningen, Paul Warda, and Glen Wild’s, lemmings over the edge of a cliff mentality, to MID’s G.M. Allen Short.
Ask yourselves how many times in the last 100 years the flume has been in peril by earthquakes.  Ask why suddenly has this taken the forefront of the debate. 
Even more importantly, ask how they intend to sell water we don’t  have for the next 10 years, when/if the changes  to the system are made, we wouldn’t be able to recapture it until 10 years from now, after the proposed water contract is complete.
And most importantly remember to get off of your tail ends and go to the Modesto City Council meeting Tuesday night, March 12th at 5:30, to ask these and other questions and let your opinions be heard.

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