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Is George Petrulakis a Paid Lobbyist / Lawyer for MID Here’s His Contract

By Emerson Drake

We expressed concerns regarding any meetings between the City of Modesto and MID without Rollie Stevens being present especially when it was made known MID refused to allow Stevens to attend any meetings between them and Modesto City fathers.  When Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh met with MID General Manager Allen Short with Attorney/Lobbyist George Petrulakis present we felt uncomfortable.  We were assured by the Mayor Petrulakis was just there as a facilitator. At the time, no one could prove Petrulakis was there for any other reason.  But now after you read the contract you’ll see he is being paid to influence Modesto’s elected officials to see things MID’s way.

You’ll be able to see how much Petrulakis is being paid by the hour and how much he’s received so far.

We’ll discuss MID’s choke hold on requested public information very soon, but for now read the contract and decide for yourself if this is the correct way to proceed.  If MID gets to have a paid attorney/lobbyist in the meetings shouldn’ t we?



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