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The Salida Now Ordinance S.C. 1005

To see the entire ordinance click on the link at the bottom.


Upon motion of Supervisor Grover, seconded by

Supervisor Monteith, Ordinance C.S. 1005 was

passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the

Board of Supervisors of the County of Stanislaus,

State of California, this 7th day of August 2007, by

the following called vote:

AYES: SUPERVISORS: Grover, Monteith,

and DeMartini

NOES: SUPERVISORS: Mayfield and Chairman




Ordinance C.S. 1005 adopted without alteration the

County of Stanislaus Salida Area Planning, Road

Improvement, Economic Development, and Farmland

Protection Initiative. The Board also accepted

as a critical and integral component to the Initiative

and Development Agreement signed copies of

the First Amendment to Development Agreement,

which clarifies the authority of the Board of Supervisors

to condition or deny a development plan that

includes residential development if such development

cannot fully fund the cost of infrastructure for

business Park and industrial development. This ordinance

amends the County General Plan and County

Code to expand the Salida Community Plan area

and create a comprehensivelY planned Salida Community

Plan and related zoning classifications.

This new Community Plan will Provide for transportation

improvements, industrial business, commercial

centers, parks, school sites, and residential.

This ordinance approves a development

agreement that establishes the general plan and

zoning designations for twenty-five years, irrespective

of any growth control measures later enacted

by the voters or the Board of Supervisors. This

ordinance is not the final approval to develop the

Salida Community Plan. This ordinance requires

that any development within the Salidc Community

Plan Amendment Area requires the prtparation of

a programmatic-level Environmental Impact Report

prior to development.

A full copy of Ordinance C.S. 1005 is available online

at and is available for review at the Clerk of

the Board’s Office, 1010 10th Street, Suite 6700, Modesto,

CA. For further information, call the Stanislaus

County Counsel’s Office at 525-6376.




DATED: August 7,2007




Clerk of the Board of Supervisorsof the County of


Stanislaus,State of California


BY: Elizabeth A. King,


Assistont Clerk of the Board


AUGUST 20, 2007

 To see the entire Salida Now Package click on 810 ordinance.


Aditional file footnotes.


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