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One Public Meeting On and Another Off and What it Means to You

Chamber pot

Chamber pot (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

By Emerson Drake

The General Plan Amendment Public Workshop is still scheduled for Monday April 15, 2010 at 6:00 PM at Davis High School “Little Theater” (1200  West Rumble) park near the tennis courts on the East side of the school.

We can question if whether these meetings will make a difference or not but if no one goes and speaks out they’ll do what they want without  an argument and we will have nothing to refute their discussion points with at City Council.  The Modesto Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Cecil Russell has been recruiting real estate salesmen and developers like Craig Lewis, Dennis Wilson, Bill Zoslocki,  and others to speak out in favor of planting driveways on Prime Farmland.  This cabal (the Chamber and their fellow conspiracists)  is also VERY interested in Modesto’s attempt to annexation of Salida.  Modesto’s City Manager Gregg Nyhoff (of the bungled nitrate in the well water issue) recently decided to spend $25,000 on a phone poll because they didn’t get enough public input on a prior set of public workshops.

Please understand if you live in Modesto and Stanislaus county this General Plan will affect us for the next 20 years.  Don’t let just a few greedy people decide our future for us.

As an aside, you just have to appreciate the conniving being done when they say they want public involvement  then they schedule the public meetings on Monday nights and one of them is the final day for taxes being due.

Secondly: The monthly city and county Liaison meeting has been cancelled.  For those curious, Salida was NOT on the agenda.

For those wondering about the picture, it’s what we won’t have if Modesto developers get their way.:)   It also might be my new symbol for an article involving the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and or their developer buddies.


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