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How Much is a Woman’s Life Worth In Texas?

By EOM Contributor

On Christmas Eve, Ezekial Gilbert shot Lenora Frago in the neck after he hired her as an escort and at the end of the evening she refused to have sex with him.  He paid her $150 at the beginning of the night.  She was critically injured and died several months later.

English: Seal of Texas

English: Seal of Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Under Texas law, an individual can use deadly force “to retrieve stolen property at night”.  However, during the police interview which was played for jurors, Mr. Gilbert never mentions theft of property.  Texas law also allows individuals to use deadly force in cases of  “criminal mischief in the nighttime”.  Remember, there are three registered guns for every man, woman and child in Texas (not to mention how many unregistered guns there may be).  Texas has quite a love affair with guns and deadly force.  This poorly written law allows anyone to take prosecution and enforcement of a death penalty into their own hands without ever using the criminal justice system.  If this woman had stolen his billfold with $150 dollars in it, she certainly would not have been eligible for the death penalty if convicted by a court of law.

Mr. Gilbert was just acquitted by a jury who apparently believed killing a 21 year old woman over $150 was okay.  On the flip side, prostitution and solicitation are illegal in Texas, but Mr. Gilbert has not been charged with either of those crimes.

So, ladies, if you live in Texas, beware….Governor Rick Perry believes a single egg and single sperm are more valuable than you are.  And so do Texas juries.

This is the man who got away with murder.


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