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Auctioning Off helicopter Rides..Losing $1.8M Lawsuit..Sheriff Christianson is at it Again

By Emerson Drake

Stanislaus County ‘s very own Sheriff Adam Christianson is at it again.  Last week Stanislaus County agreed to pay $1.8

Coroner's Bureau, Plate 3

Coroner’s Bureau, Plate 3 (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Million dollars for hiring a pathologist  away from the company Stanislaus County had contracted to supply us with until we could hire one of our own.  Instead of seeking a pathologist on his own, the Sheriff broke our contract and pirated one away. So lets review this for just a minute.  The Sheriff signs a contract that states we CAN NOT hire the pathologist away from the contracted company. But he does so anyway?  What was he thinking?   The result is yet another black mark against the Sheriff known for doing things his own way despite the cost.

Speaking of doing things his own way, our beloved Sheriff Christianson decided to auction off  helicopter rides for charity, unfortunately it’s illegal.  Now usually he saves his “specially arranged” rides for cases of wine used for campaign functions but this time it was for a fund-raiser of a nonprofit.  Maybe the paperwork for the ride will disappear this time too.

Once again the  Modesto Bee is showing their cards while protecting their friends  and is trying to cover this up.  They’ve had ALL of this information for days but for some reason haven’t bothered to let the public know.


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