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Vindictiveness Doesn’t Look Good on a City Councilwoman

By Emerson Drake jkenoyer

Ms, Kenoyer had stated during her campaign she would NOT support any attempt to annex Salida.  She repeated it several times on Jan 7th.  Over the weekend she received a flyer JennyKenoyer_flyer which upset her. Apparently she was offended at being reminded of the promises she broke and of course having flyers being passed out didn’t help.

Now Ms. Kenoyer is running around telling people she’s going to teach Salida a lesson.  Watch closely and you’ll see our ‘Jenny’ vote against the very people she promised to support.

Jenny’s promises and her word seem to be worthless.   And for someone like myself who has been a constant supporter of hers for many years this is heartbreaking.

We’ve only just begun. It’s time to hold politicians accountable to the people.  The copy machines are warmed up and the people are motivated.


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3 thoughts on “Vindictiveness Doesn’t Look Good on a City Councilwoman

  1. janine kropf on said:

    Ms Kenoyer certainly showed her true colors during the city council meeting earlier in January. Actions speak much louder than words. Voters should watch carefully.

  2. Nothing but a BULLY.

  3. Rod Cullins on said:

    It’s time to make all those who traded Modesto history for cookie cutter houses and strip mall purgatory responsible for their mindless and superficial deeds. They should and will pay.

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