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Are You Fed Up and Ready to Take Action?

EOM Contributor, boycott

I attended the January meetings and know that dozens of people spoke to you about Salida and Wood Colony. Many of these people are Modesto residents, who elected you and it is your job to listen o them and to represent them fairly. It’s obvious to all of us who you actually represent…yourselves and the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, which seems to have a great deal of influence over you. The fact that two of you voted against the land grab proposal just makes me feel that between all of you, you decided who could save face, and yet your proposal would still go forward.


Since you are the ones in a position of power in this situation, I would like to turn the tables and put the power back in the hands of the people. You seem to be controlled by financial interests, so lets talk about money. My suggestion to the audience is that we all boycott the businesses owned and/or operated by the members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. Here are some of those businesses:


Gianella & Associates

F & M Banks

Curtis Legal Group

Patricia Gillum, CPA

Fire 2 Wire

Ware Promotional Marketing Solutions

Franklin & Downs Funeral Home

Wells Fargo Mid-Valley Commercial banking

Tri-Counties Bank

TD Gingerich Insurance Solutions

American Chevrolet

CHG Structural

Real Juice Plus

Rank Investigations & Protection

Double Tree Hotel

The Villalobos Legal Group

Oak Crafts by Jeremiah Williams

Never Boring Associates

Prudential California Realty in Modesto (I will comment on this one in a moment).


Now I’d like to mention businesses owned and/or operated by City Council members and suggest that we boycott them:


McHenry Bowl, owned by Mayor Marsh (go to Yosemite Lanes)

Rico-Lopez Foods – Councilman Dave Lopez

Cogdill & Giomi Real Estate – Councilman Dave Cogdill


Now back to Prudential California Realty in Modesto. This is owned by Craig Lewis, of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce. Councilman Bill Zolocki is Mr. Lewis’ employee, so it seems that he will vote however Mr. Lewis wants him to, and that will be any way that could potentially provide financial benefits to Prudential California Realty.


Cogdill & Giomi Real Estate does property appraisals, so they stand to make a profit when and if property in Wood Colony starts being sold, just like Prudential Realty.


It’s my personal belief that Councilmen Zolocki and Cogdill should recuse themselves from voting on any issues that concern real estate, including the annexation of Salida and Wood Colony.


For the audience members, if you are interested, you can find this list of businesses on Eye on modesto.com. Please share this information with your friends, family and neighbors.


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3 thoughts on “Are You Fed Up and Ready to Take Action?

  1. I already do , I don’t give any of these businesses my patronage!

  2. Carie Wolf on said:

    I have already boycotted the ones I knew about. Loved seeing the whole list to add to my boycotting activities. I will spread the word too!

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