Eye On Modesto

Thoughts and observations about Modesto and Stanislaus County

Our take on SCAP’s recent Escapades

By Emerson Drake

Some of our “finest” citizens, including Rotarians, went to Sheriff Christianson to keep Joe Gibbs out of jail after he committed a hit and run, killing a man.  The Sheriff broke his own policy of insisting on jail time and granted Gibbs an ankle bracelet.  

The Sheriff has since refused to name the individuals who requested Gibbs stay out of jail.  It’s little wonder the “investigation” is taking so long.  Has Chief Harden been approached by these same citizens?  Is that why the investigation is taking so long to move forward? Kudos to the Bee for bringing this mess to light and not let it be covered up. After all, the SCAP fiasco, just like the NSP2 intrigue, leads us all the way through city staff, up to and including current city councilman Joe Muratore.

Two city staff members were thrown under the bus, but Joe Muratore being better connected, remains as a reminder of back stage political power and Modesto’s corrupt political scene.

And the Gibbs’, well they’re still the Gibbs’.

And SCAP, it’s too corrupt to fail.  Just ask their governing Board.

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