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Attorney Frank Carson Fails his Client

By Emerson Drake

Modesto Attorney Frank Carson, a dedicated headline chaser, has allowed a client of his to be abused by the District Attorney.  He is representing (name withheld due to age) who has been charged with five felony counts for participating in a joy rides with a few friends.  His actions consisted of driving golf carts on the Grounds of Stanislaus State  University.

The carts never left the grounds but all were hit with five counts of auto theft.  This would seem to be an egregious miscarriage of justice.  But our friend Frank, despite having been paid, has as of yet to provide an active, aggressive defense. We sincerely hope Mr. Carson will turn this sad situation around and help this family.

Attempts were made to offer Mr. Carson an opportunity to explain his lack of activity but to this point he has failed to return calls.

We will be following this situation closely.


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10 thoughts on “Attorney Frank Carson Fails his Client

  1. Not much evidence for auto theft here, joy riding yes but no felonies. Stancounty is getting really out there lately on the charges they are pursuing. Plea Bargain Central.

  2. Christy on said:

    I have heard so much about Mr. Carson being an amazing attorney but I have failed to see it in the case of my loved one whom he is also currently representing. Sad. He doesn’t even know that this person has no criminal history and he has been representing him for a year and a half. I for one would like to see some action.

  3. If you all would take the time to understand how the wheels of justice work and don’t work you would have a better idea and understanding of the time that really goes into this type of work. Most case will last anywhere from a year to a year and a half. I know because my husband is an attorney. And I work for him. When people get upset at how long their case is going on for I tell them I can get them back on calendar in two days and plead the guilty and call it a day. Then they change their minds .. We tell our clients it’s like play cards, you have to play the other side until you beat them. Mr. Carson is a great attorney, we have worked on numerous case with him with great success . You don’t know the battle unless your in it..

    • People are welcome to their opinions, but I’ll stand by the article after interviewing the family involved. I also understand some feel the need to “polish” a candidate for District Attorney’s profile.

    • Sandy on said:

      How easy it must be for you Mary to sit on your side of the desk and suggest the families and the accused don’t understand the system. And how dare your attempt to explain the system be delivered with such careless threats. I’m sure that will certainly help your clients to believe in the judicial system. It doesn’t surprise me though that you work so well with Frank Carson as that was the same kind of treatment my dollars bought for his representation ten years ago. It seems to me after all this time not much has changed. I was told back then by a traveling appeals attorney that Stanislaus County was nicknamed the “Wild Wild West”. When I asked what that meant, he said, “They do what they want, how they want, when they want.”

      • Christy on said:

        I absolutely agree with you Sandy. This is the same treatment that we received. It seems to be a trend. Now my brother is serving a 10 year sentence and he had never been in jail before Mr. Carson originally told him he could reduce it to 5 years and then said he couldn’t. A man with so much time in the justice system is quite aware of what he can an can’t do. It is because he is doing what he wants, how he wants and when he wants. Yes, it took a long time to complete the case as Mary points out, but he never talked to him in all that time aside from in the court room for 2 seconds. He had to be there anyway because he had other clients there that he did the same for. He just postponed every hearing for all of the cases I saw him representing. I also heard from someone else that he took a whole lot of money from them making promises of a reduced sentence and the person paid him multiple large amounts of money and did not receive a reduced sentence at all.

  4. Christy on said:

    Mr. Carson represented my brother and did not even pretend that he cared about his case so I can’t say that I believe any of the good things that I have heard. And now he wants to be a District Attorney? I personally find that laughable. Mary above seems to talk just like Mr. Carson’s wife. He wants your case until you pay him and then he doesn’t care what happens from there. If you call to see what is happening, you are accused of harassing him..

  5. Christy on said:

    If Mr. and Mrs. Carson had a little compassion for those who are paying for a roof over their heads, they may realize that they are not just dealing with criminals, but human beings. When you are providing a service for someone, you should be professional. Not everyone who has been incarcerated is a career criminal. Some are people who just got in a bad situation.

  6. Mr. Carson “worked” on my cousins case for a little over 2yrs it was a case with a couple others involved well everyone had public deffenders they got less time meanwhile my cousin never once had a visit or talk from frank carson he said everything was going good well he ended up getting many years and frank never helped so neveragain will he be recommended

  7. cathy mcornic on said:

    that’s because he is no good for nothing read about korie kaughman

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