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City Staff Says It Could Spend $2.5M – $6M but Says it Doesn’t Know Who Owns the Property

By Emerson Drake

At last Wednesday’s 8/15 meeting of Modesto’s Economic Development Committee the discussion was about where

English: Author: Carl Skaggs This image was ta...

he City Council  might spend the ‘extra’ money from the 1% sales tax (Proposition X ) one funding option was for a annual/one time expenditure of $2.5 Million.  It was explained they  couldn’t decide which column, annual or one time, to place the funding option under but they could easily spend the money on infrastructure in the Bangs area.despite having already mentioned we needed to spend approximately $50 M for infrastructure to prepare the Kiernan East and South Business Parks.  But Brent Sinclair said he preferred to spend $6M in the Bangs area. He commented the land owners there were anxious to move forward.

Public Records Request (PRR)

I made a PRR to find out who owned the property Mr. Sinclair was in such a hurry to jump start.  Here was the response I received.

Mr. Drake,

Brent Sinclair has advised us that he has no listing of the property owners in the Bangs area.

This completes your public records request.

Thank you,

Apparently the Modesto City Council is in hurry to spend the money but claims they don’t know who will benefit from the voters largess should Prop X be approved.  More than just a little scary, or should I say disingenuous  don’t you think?

I’m starting to believe this Proposition should have been named (Proposition WHY )


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