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Racy Photos Uncovered Involving Modesto Police

MODESTO, Calif. (KCRA) — Modesto police have launched an internal investigation into an officer after several questionable pictures became public, the department said Tuesday.


Modesto Police Officer Photos


Eight photos show several half-dressed women on top of a Modesto police squad car.


Some pictures show an officer pretending to handcuff one woman.


The officer was on duty at the time the photos were taken, according to the Police Department.


“Very disturbing — that’s our taxpayer money that is supporting this,” resident Lee Chee said.


Said Lt. Rick Armendariz: “This is definitely a blemish. This is a mark against the Modesto Police Department, but does not reflect the hard work of the men and women of the department.”


The officer involved in the photos with the women on the squad car has not been employed by the department since 2010, police said.


The reason he is no longer working there is based on a personnel issue, officials said.


Two other photos in question involve a current eight-year veteran. Police said an internal investigation is underway.


Police said the officer in the pictures will remain on duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.



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6 thoughts on “Racy Photos Uncovered Involving Modesto Police

  1. Look’s the MPD felt the need to have photos taken with the Play Boy bunnies on the tax payers dime. I noticed two squad cars present and it looked like the photos were taken in downtown Modesto. What will you bet those two officers are on paid leave…..

  2. One set of the photos were taken at the parking lot of the County Clerks office next to the Gallo center for the arts. The second set of photos was taken at the 11 street parking garage, I have also noticed several police officers and squad cars in the pictures.

    Another note is that the the blonde girl is getting ready to autograph a poster for one of the officers, the poster is of her but the title is not Playboys it reads FLYBOYS.

    So the police were following these young ladies around, I would estimate at around two hours time.

  3. Could be Plyboys, since there is a website with nude women called Plyboys.

  4. The blonde girl holding the poster of herself
    The poster reads I AM 17′
    I think that is where the Chief is upset also one of the officers appears to be drinking a cold one while on duty. Did any of the local night clubs serve this underage girl alcohol? But I guess they’re not concerned about that during this event….

  5. oeblio, Then why would Chief Harden even investigate a cop while working on the tax payers money to pay his wages even flirt with these young 17- Year-Olds? For hours on end….maybe something else occurred?

    I don’t think this is the end of the story…And don’t forget Aaronson white washed the MPD investigation of crooked,corrupted cops…

    Guess the 40 something didn’t get all of his oats seeded while he was a young man…

    Maybe he has more problems than what is PICTURED!

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